Monday, December 29, 2008


iTs only today i realised its 2009 this thursday..had been crazy busy at work lately..what with people shopping before xmas durin xmas after xmas..n stupid stock taking..its no wonder time quietly pass me by..

i will come back with another post soon..
heres wishin all a happy happy 2009 in advance!

Friday, December 26, 2008


hEy have fun on xmas?..mine was spent workin..its alrite cuz went for xmas count-down with my friend in the club we always go..yup it was very crowded..people were merry-makin..happy n why was it i didnt really enjoy myself on xmas eve?..i was there but i wasnt there too..know what i mean?..i was so-not there that i mistaken some-one as my friend..went n poked him! was so embarrassin!!..that shows u where my mind was..maybe not only durin that night..been feelin kinda like walkin-dead these days..

had finished the 2nd book of my horrors the 3rd n 4th books were sold-out in the local book stores!..mann should've juz bought when they were still now while waitin i borrowed few books from library..n bought 1 novel 'Eat Pray Love' waiting for the movie 2b shown here..speakin of movies..
here are a few movies im waitin
-Ponyo On The Cliff By The Sea:a japanese anime..real cute
-Transformer2:my fav decepticon SoundWave will be in it finally
-InkHeart:a fantasy movie..i saw the 2nd or 3rd book from this novel
-The Uninvited:a horror movie..havent watch horror show since forever

will try to come up with a poem..but no promise..i dun like promise..cuz its meant 2b broken? the mean-time..heres some pics..mostly are from by this site for great pics!..

well wishes to all in 2009!!

thank u all for your lovely comments n takin time out to read*bow*

Monday, December 15, 2008



Looking with those eyes
walkin slowly u came
inch by inch ur movin closer

Stiff as stone i am
feel my heart beatin faster
feel myself burnin inside

Runnin with u by my side
soakin in the warm sun light
in this forest we fly
feelin surreal
i hold on tight

No dont say those words my dear
listen to me
hear me speak
without a doupt i agreed
turnin my life into yours

Is what i want to be

wRote this after finished readin readin the second novel now..ya im into the Twilight saga too..ya i know im properly over-age for it..but im not going to miss out on any vampire novels..was very tempting to buy the last two novels of Twilight..n other novels..but that have to was a strange feeling walking into the book store this afternoon..i didnt know i love the smell of books this much..or have i become a freak?..anyway i havent watch Twilight the movie..maybe soon..lookin 4ward to it actually..

havent been doin much lately..juz readin novel after novel..actually only finished readin 3 novels(that tells u what a slow reader i am U__U) are the other 2 novels

-'Tuesdays With Morrie' by Mitch Albom
a very touching wonderful true story of the author gettin a second chance discovering life through the death of a friend..this novel is rather well-known..truly worth a read..

-'A Winter Book' by Tove Jansson
this is a collection of short stories by her..a rather charming novel this is..theres 'A Summer Book' too..nope i havent read it..yet..

thats all for now tell me what u think of the poem..
have a great week ahead!!

b4 i 4get..wana give a shout-out to Autumn's 4gotten Dreams..welcome back gal!! =>

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


i wanna sit here with u..and let the world pass us by..
juz have to share this pic!..dun u find the flow-bella is so cute it makes u smile?

it dun snow where im a matter of fact we dun have four seasons i duno what its like seein/feelin im not rich enough to travel..its very expensive travellin to other countries from i juz put myself in these pics..n feel..

i wanna lie on these fluffy clouds
no poem today..havin lotsa things on my mind..but really wanna share these wonderful pics here..there are so many nice pics..and some truly make u smile despite how low you r feeelin..its true when they say 'a picture paints a thousand words'..
oh well im lookin forward to my very short break from work..startin this sunday..only for 48 hours..oh yes..its x'mas pretty i havent buy any gift for bout u?..have u done your xmas shopping?..

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Fly Away
Tie myself to this paper-plane
bring me away
away from u
when u ignore me like that
away from u
when u thought i could alwaz take it

Tie myself to these ballons
bring me far away
away from u
away from your smiles
your everything

The wind had changed
bringing me away
yet each time im back
you r alwaz there

pOem i wrote juz minutes ago..yeah i do wana fly away..leave my body n see myself..the way i lead this life of mine..i get upset when people ignore me n i've no idea what did i do/say wrong to have them treat me invisible..most upset when its some1 i love..maybe it has nothing to do with me..maybe they juz not in the mood..maybe im thinkin 2 much again..i duno..whatever it is i juz want some1 to tell me..cuz silence breaks my heart..

is it cuz its Dec so i tend to get so moody(or emo some like to say)..i seriously do not know..anyway i sure hope none of u r feeling the same way as me..

thkx to every1 taking time out to read/ tell me what u think of the poem..

Have a great weekend people!

Monday, December 1, 2008


tHis is how i've been..well almost..
iSnt he gd-looking?..Chen Bo-Lin

come sit with me n watch the world goes by

haunting winter sky-love this pic

tiMe slipping fast..

yUp..i am actually

wAnt a room as such =>

soMe cool nice pics found @deviantArt..go there!..lots n lotsa wonderful pics!!!!...will be postin another is a daze actually..yup..U___U;

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


gLad to be away from work..even its juz one day..been very frustrated at work since last no im not goin to rant bout it'll bore u to death..haha..U__U;..all i can say is under the working environment of my current job..even if given 10 wont be enough..and its not so much its so damn busy..and when u show that u r frustrated/pissed off..they say(without knowin u knew) u have attitude problem/bein difficuit..

heres a poem i wrote 3 years ago(omg!!)..think its a very suitable piece..considerin the way im feelin call me emo or whateva shit u want..
lookin 4ward to a new life next year..hopefully all will fall in2 place eventually..freedom comes with one hefty price..ya it sure does..

have a fun fun weekend people!!..=]

Liar N Poseur

Just who do u think u r talking about me like that
havent u heard what goes around comes around
havent u for once thought i'd somehow knew about those lies u say

Just who do u think u r, a saint?
does what u say/do put u a level higher than me
take your lies your hyprocrisy away
cuz i dun need n dun want them
stop shovin those meaningless words of yours into my face
cuz i dun trust u anymore

Masks u have been wearin to deceive all
before long they r goin to fall
who will u run to now
where r u goin to hide now

For all u have said and done
will be hauntin u no end

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


He Came

Here i am
dancing in the dark

here i am
dancing with-out my heart

He came
watching me dance
watching me break
over n over

He came
twisted my soul
messing my world

Holding hands
holding me tight
together we dive

Wash away
drown away
this pain

rAined almost the whole day 2day..but i head out anyway..juz to catch a movie wif my friend thats all..watched 'Madagascar 2' was a'rite..funny waitin for this movie by Keanu Reeves 'The day the earth stand still' which will be releasin next month here..have alwaz like Keanu since his 'Speed' movie..hes still lookin so dashing =}..another movie i wana watch is 'Body of lies' by Dicaprio n Crowe..i like their acting..n Dicaprio had grown his new(?) look too..haha..

wrote this poem this afternoon..these words juz pop into my head while i was walkin home from library-'break me over n over'..n that my how this poem is born..of cz it dun alwaz happen..words knockin my head i times they go for a long holiday..relaxin themselves while leavin me wonderin'what the hell happen!?'

ok heres a quote..its sad but true..what do u think?..
" The tragedy of life is what dies inside a man while he lives.
— Einstein

Friday, November 14, 2008



Shoot Me

Shoot me in the heart watch it bleed
watch my love bleeds away watch it breaks away
shoot me in the head so i cant think
those thoughts see them flow away with a BANG
shoot me in the eyes so i cant cry
watch my last tear die for u
shoot me juz shoot me to end this misery
shoot me

a pOem i wrote 2 years i wanna thk every1 for their lovely encouragin friend used to say not many people will understand my poems..but its gd no? that will mean my poems r unique!..haha..nah juz kiddin..=p..

well i have no idea what to write here..maybe cuz im tire due to work..or juz mentally n physically the mean-time..njoy Namie Amuro's 'So crazy' mtv..wish i can dance like her..i love this mtv of hers..its kinda interestin seein 2 Namie(s)..each wif her own style..=]

cant wait for Transformers2 2b shown here!!..cuz my fav fav fav Soundwave will be included in the sequel!!..THE JOY!!!!!..i was all smiles when read bout it..haha..I LOVE SOUNDWAVE!!!!!!!!!!...
hAve a fun weekend people!! =D

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Turned Cold

Time freezes
i cant move on
payin for my mistakes
indebts deep

Watch me
turn to ashes
scatter me
into the ocean

Time follows
why am i still here
why is it
i still cant move on

Watchin from above
watchin from above
rewind repeat

Screamin out loud
for this to end

wRote this on monday i times feel like im havin writer's block..its liked my poems arent as gd as b4..where my creative hat disappear to?..=[..maybe it had gone for a long long holiday..i duno tell me what u think..

anyway im readin this novel by Luck Hepburn-'Clicking Her Heels'..its rather cute..Amy Marsh(a shoe addict)bf sells her shoes collection on ebay when he mistakenly believes shes 2-timin him..this sends her off around the world to get(buy?)all her shoes back..but it turns out 2b more than a journey of gettin her shoes back..

no i didnt buy this novel..its from the library..there r many interestin the saying goes'dont judge a book by its cover' holds true of cz..its the same as dun be so quick to judge a person by his/her appearance..we dun hav the right to judge any1 anyway agreed?..

oh slowly come to realise i have-no life no friends no love..oh ya do check out dis site- r lotsa meaningful quotes n cool nice pictures..=)

Saturday, November 1, 2008


lAst nite's Halloween party was fun..many made the effort to dress up n it was really fun seein so many ghosts(eastern n westen),screamin skeleton masks,monsters etc dancin n tryin to scare people..=>..there was a best costume contest..a guy dressed as the Death angel from the japan anime 'Death Note' was the winner..u can tell he put in alot of effort makin the costume n stuff..what did i dress up as?..myself!!..i figured im scary enough as myself..haha..U__U;..

been thinkin do friendships really last..i know every-one has his/her preferred friends to spend time with..still i cant help feel sad whenever friends(so-called) drift apart..simply ur not the one they prefer to spend time with..when ur not the one they r willin to make the effort to keep the friendship goin..its liked it doesnt matter to them whether u live or die..n the excuse they use?..'busy' of cz..yes they maybe really busy or whatever..but r they?..i have my doupts..yes im tire..very tire..alwaz the one tryin to keep the friendships goin..n yes i wonder do i really have friends..maybe i dun..maybe im fated 2b alone..with no love no nothing...

anyway heres a poem i wrote tell me what u think..cheerio!!

Layer by layer
she hides
disguise or protection
shes confused

Lost in those layers of masks
she dons
another one falling
another one reveals
never ending

Who she really is
she doesnt know
trapped in the mirror
is her true self

Or is it
no-one knows

Friday, October 31, 2008


Fly Away

Turn your back now love
let me go
let me be gone
The sun is coming out soon
my kingdom is calling me home
let me go
let me be gone

Seeing your tears drop breaks my heart
dun cry for me love
smile for me
so i can fly away
knowing u do care

The sun is coming out soon
leave before i start to change
leave so i can fly back home

Turn away with a smile love
let me be gone

gOt the inspiration writin this while listenin to MCR(my chemical romance) very 1st album..their songs then were rather different from their songs now(except for the album-Black Parade)..nevertheless MCR truly inspires me to write poems on other stuff besides broken love/broken hearts..
have no idea what to write here...oh ya goin to a Halloween party wif my friend..think it'd be fun seein how people dress up for halloween..the best thing not workin 2ml!! can party the nite away!!..woohoo!!..

hAppy Halloween people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008



Breaking apart inside
slowly dying

Breaking apart inside
falling further

Breakin apart inside
eyes wide open

Can u hear it
can u feel me

Do u even care at all

wRote this poem awhile tell me what u think of it..thkx to every-one for their lovely comments n wishes on the previous post..well..njoy the weekend..

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Play Dead

Hook me up on some medication

take me down like a light

have me coming back for more

Paint my nails n lips black

my thinking askew

they put me on some medication

have me coming back for more

Have me on a leash

im submissive

have me on a leash

an uncontrollable mind

Im at wars within myself

cant u see

a battle-field stays in my head

Hearing voices telling me to stop

udo all my evil doings

clasp my hands tightly

rocking slowly

yUp another poem written last year..hmm dun really like the endin bit..but had no idea how to end/edit gonna jz leave it as it is..for now..ya me day off had changed to wed..not knowin y though..maybe it'll change again..after LABO launch..lets wait n see..

finished readin 'Undead n Uneasy'..waitin for the 7th novel..thought that was the last..but somehow the story seem 2b hangin there..m happy knowin its not over..yet..whats the story bout?..its actually a chic-lit vampire series..n its damn damn funny!!..

does any1 believe in fate/past life?..was chattin wif a friend last night n what he said had me thinkin bout fate/past life..i duno mann..its not so much i believe in fate/past life or not..but i cant explain why an event happened over n over..yes if it happen 1-2 times..thats coincidence..but more than 3 times? u call it fate then?..what if its true im here to pay back to him what i owned him in our past life?..what if im wrong thinkin dis way?...i really duno..n its seriously messin up my mind...

wOw cant believe dis is my 50th post!!..well thkx to every1 takin time to read n comment..i appreciate it..lots..thank u once again =)..

Sunday, October 19, 2008


fInally can get away from work 2day..had been tiring not havin enough zz past few days..though went clubbin with my friend on friday..but didnt njoy myself..think its time to take a break from clubbing..again..maybe it'd help..maybe not..who knows?..

heres a clip from Youtube..its really hilarious!!..thkx to James for sharing..


Teach me to break away
escape from this pain
away from this hurt

Teach me to break away
so i can join the human race
without a care to this world
away from this hurt

Teach me to break away
and not cry anymore
these tears have drainned me
flood me from within

My heart in your hand
yet i can still feel its pain
teach me to break away


a poem i wrote earlier this tell me what u think of it..

'i was invitin..hurry to my heart..'
'he was my night time..thought i was his star..guess i was wrong..'

'only gonna play the fool one time..'-from the song'Go on Gal' by Ne-yo

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Black Parade

Memory deleted face erased

soul captured a band marching on

an orchestra in the night

through the fire down the streets

marching on

carry on

Hear me sing a chill composed in the night

a darkened soul haunting

hear me sing as the orchestra keeps playing

come join me

close your eyes n join me

Under this night

along this path

to a land none heard of

marches on carry on

soul captured

an orchestra in the night

another poem written last year..its scary how time flies..2008 is comin to an end it jz me or every1 is the same?..i mean do u tenda reflect what hav u done how hav u grown in this time of the year?..i do..n i think alot which isnt very healthy some might say..cuz if ur not careful it can drive u mad!..ya..well i roughly know what i wanna do next year..i may not be happy..but i'll definitively be happy finally havin my own life back..wil be happy finally out of this i sound confusing? is a bitch baby!!..oh well..

here i wann thank Mariposa for leavin those lovely comments..she really motivates me to blog..thank u =>..

*i still love u..yes i know this isnt what u wanna hear from sorry*

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


bAck from company stupid staff gathering..nothing much..juz had buffet borin games followed by lucky draw..nope urs truly didnt get any only prizes r the door gift n gd food..yup the food were gd esp the waffles(luv it luv it!) n the japanese food..oh yes the coffee black was gd too..haha..did i njoy myself?..not really..the whole event is juz borin n kinda waste of time..

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


iTs true..didnt think any-one would read my blog leave comments..n i have 2 followers!!..dats really wow..thkx to every1 for their lovely comments =)..heres another 2 poems..wrote 'Self' last night b4 i went to lala land wif my sexy pillows.. i juz had this image of me pointin a gun at weird is that?..'Red teddy' was written last friend used 2 say my poems r diffcult to understand..well it doesnt matter..cuz thats the way poems should be no?..haha..the same goes to drawings n such..its not so much whether any1 gets what ur drivin at..n it really doesnt matter what others think or say or feel bout ur works..dats the beauty of arts n even fashion..both allows u 2b unique..

Red Teddy

Pin her down with your venom

such an innocent child

she has died a thousand times

why cant u see

Ghostly whisperings she hears

incurable disease

cold hands reachin to her heart

shivering she gives in to her fears

Poison by the phantom's knife

slash it over n over

her teddy bear she holds

as cold wind wraps her soul

Another time she is dead

venom in her head

poison by phantom's knife

another time shes flyin high


I stand behind me

with a gun pointin self

what r u gonna do

when i pull the trigger

what will u do

Here i m standin behind me

a swiss army knife in hand

what r u gonna do

when i stab me

what will u do

Movin a step back

have no fear

nothing will stop me

standin behind myself

Movin a step back

where r u goin now