Thursday, October 29, 2009


-Little broken butterflies
flying out from within of me
wanting wishing to be there with you

I'm calling out to you
can you hear me?

-these two words i've said to you..what i wana tell you is more than just words..words alone cant express what my heart wanna tell you..stay..plz dont go..stay..

-often i ask myself why i started this blog..true it serves as an outlet for pen down when im serves as an outlet for me to write my poems..but..really..why i started this blog?..

words alone cant truly express my feelings..nowadays i dun really wana talk much too..cuz it seems every-one around me is time for me..i suppose its mostly cuz they are sick and tire of hearin my constant constant complaining..

forgotten where i got 2nd and 3rd pics..sorry..

Friday, October 23, 2009


-love this pic..alwaz make me smile a little..

-does any-one knows where i can get black roses?..

-when you think too'd feel as if you've been walkin round and round in foggy weather..with an umbrella..sometimes(or shall i say..most of the times?) its not cuz you wanna think..your mind just start to generate these thoughts..sometimes something happen..and you start to think..i admit..i think alot..alot of nonsense..few had told me ' dun think too much..' i know and understand..sometimes when others seem to be hiding something from you..they may mean well..cuz they dun wana hurt you..or they duno how to break the news out to they chose to hide it..or/and..they tell you ' dun think too much..' to be honest..i'd rather have the truth told to me..than havin it hide from me..i really dun like the feeling..knowin others are hiding something from i deal with whatever is being my business..not theirs..
so..just shoot me with the truth..cuz im not born yesterday..and in-case you dun are already hurting me..when you chose not to tell me...
*1st pic-4gotten where i got it bad..
*2nd pic-deviant ART
*3rd pic-black and white's tumblelog

Saturday, October 10, 2009


-Won't it be good for me
if i dont know how to think
won't it be good for me
if i haven't been born at all
I dont know anything anymore
all i know is i love you
thats all i know

*pics from Black and white's tumblelog

Thursday, October 8, 2009


-I found the words and say to you
not asking for an answer
not asking for anything
i just want these words out
even its already much too late

You may laugh at me
or even say i do not know what love is
you may say i don't even understand you
do you understand yourself?

I love you
it is what it is
i know very well
cuz i am me

Just me

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


-I dream of mermaids in the night
calling whispering
in the stillness of the night
' come to us..tell us your secret..come..'
they whisper
' we will help you my love..'
' we will help you find the words..'
'come..join us my love..come'
'take our hands..come..'

Whispering words sounds like
a haunting song
in the stillness of the night

I find myself
walking slowly slowly
towards the open sea
'come..take our hands my love..'
'we will take you to the one you love..come..'

*1st and 3rd pics from loveology
2nd pic from deviantART

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Can anyone tell me
how to get these unfound words out
in the open
out to you?
Can anyone tell me
what to do
what to say to you
Wana tell you to stay
wana shout it out to you
can you hear me?
can you see me?
Im here
always here
-1st n 2nd pics from deviantART
-forget where i get the last pic..sorry