Tuesday, August 19, 2008

F.L.I.p n a poem-Empty Shell

sOme1 told me once 'when ur so sad n u cant shed a single tear..dats the day u start to feel numb..dats the day u hav reached the xteme end of bein sad'..i used to think how can one not cry when one is sad?..but now i finally understand...cz it happened to me...

seein dat my so-called friends arent willin to listen arent willin to meet(remember i mentioned they r sick of me bein upset over some guy?)..i started to keep whatever sadness i hav inside ever since..the final blow came 2wks ago...when i couldnt shed 1 single tear...n i thought i was goin to cry for hours...its liked i dun feel cant feel anything...its liked i lost the ability to feel...its liked my heart my soul had left..n all im left wif...is an empty shell..will u teach me how to cry?......

Empty Shell

Heart in your hand u crashed
drop it like u do not care
break it like u do not care
walk away keep on walkin away

An empty shell u left
to become numb
is this how u want me to
walk away keep on walkin away

My tears had given up on me
sadness no longer visit me
a hollow shell is me
walk away keep on walkin away

Tears heart soul
u taken away
empty shell
becomes me

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

7 ate 9

nO i didnt say i dun wan 2b in a long term relationship..i jus dun wan 2b in one when i hav no romantic feelings for some1..yes i know feelings can be develop..cal me stubborn or whaever..when i dun hav feelings mean i dun hav..its not so much not wantin to giv myself or other(s) a chance..i jus dun wana force a r/s..yes i know many say im too picky..m i?..when i love some1 i giv my ALL..its no gd i know..cz i hurt myself very easily like dat..

its not i dun wan 2b in a r/s....i do....