Sunday, February 14, 2010


-is it true the older u r the less friends u have?..i duno..whats the meaning of friend anyway? doesnt mean u treat some-one as a friend..he/she'd too..words that touched ur the end of the day..are juz meaningless words..words that r spoken and takes words seriously this era..2b honest im no longer sure do i even have friends..often theres no-one i can talk to..some1 juz 2 listen..sure few said 2 me 'im willin 2 listen when u wana talk..any1 needs some1 2 listen 2..'..' remember 2 share any unhappiness with me' the end..all these r jz words..thus now i stop trying..stop everything..jz im tire of those finger pointing..tire of everything..tire of people talking..jz tire..

i know im unlike those people..i dun smile much..they say im cold..its self-protecting..few really know me..

-less than 2 months n ur leaving..alot of thoughts i keep inside..i cant bear for u to go..but u have to go back home..not much time left..

4gotten where the 2nd pic is bad..