Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mine Alone-a poem

oFten just giv n giv..others just take n take without appreciatin..when dat happens..part of u died bit by bit doesnt matter who r dat could be ur family..people u thought r ur friends..people u thought u could count on but prove u wrong..the one u love so much..basically any1..

yeah part of u just starts to die bit by bit slowly....

Thanks a lot givin me hope

and watchin me fall
no its not your fault
its mine only mine

I should've known

im not gd enough for u
i should've known
no its not your fault
its mine and mine alone

Its been a misunderstanding

i have been stupid foolish
no its not your fault
its mine and mine alone

Im sorry i took it seriously

im sorry i misunderstood u
no its not your fault
its mine and mine alone

any kind souls out there plz remind me not to giv out my heart and hav it back in pieces.....i dun wana feel/go through dis hurt/pain anymore....i dun wana hav my heart broken again and again................

Sunday, June 22, 2008


wAtched Narnia 2..its darker better than least in my view..didnt watch The Happenin..Sex n the city cz not sad miss Indiana Jones..though few said its not worth watchin..hav always like Indiana the theme music movie wana watch is The waitin for Dark Knight..Hancock..

duno y n how im so lame so life-less nowadays..dun really wana talk much to it cz of wha i realised past few wks dat most ppl r NATOs?..dun wana share much w others(only w xtremely selected few)..holdin myself back more..withdrawin more now..sad?..pathetic? i dun really wana care now..

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

tHank u

'need to talk anytime jz let me know,i'll arrange my time' a simple sentence s such can warm ur heart when ur feelin down n every1 cant be bother listenin/takin time out..finally talked to a friend 2day..though i have been down for a week now..was scared i'd break down cry if i were to talk bout it cz my heart is dead/numb?..i seriously duno..all these while thought i hav let him go..was jz kiddin myself..i stil luv him..bumpin into him like that jz blew me away..those painful/tearful feelings all came back..leavin me not knowin what to feel..

i duno for how long im gg to feel dis way..n Stanley..if ur readin dis..thank u for bein there.. appreciate it..u hav no idea ter r thousand n one NATOs..who r only gd at throwin words out..sayin 'we r friends..'..'i'll b ter 4 u'..n MIA when u need some1..
NATO-no action talk only
MIA-missing in action

Monday, June 16, 2008

iNvisible gal i m

dUno what to feel/say..true its not the first time others push me away wif a string of excuses when i need a listenin ear..n yes i know y..simply cz im not his/her preferred friend..yes its naive/stupid of me for some1 my age thinkin others take me s a friend..when ppl u think r friends dun even care/bother whether u live or dead..when u try to keep the friendship so-called goin..not knowin its not there anymore..when every1 dun bother keepin in contact..n when u sms/msn..u dun get reply..jz cz ur not his/her preferred/fav person..yes i know im not some1 fun 2 talk/chat wif..den do me n urself a not add me in msn..jz for the sake of addin when ur not gg 2 bother talkin/chattin..or better yet..take me off ur fine wif i dun see the point addin me n not harsh?..i take thgs 2 seriously?..i think too much?..well say whaeva fuck u wana say/think bout im seriously tire..xtremely tire of bein misunderstood by others often..tire of havin others tellin others untrue thgs bout me..tire of bein ignored/push aside/4gotten..its disappointin/sad/pathetic when friends so-called u thought can count on 2b ter 4 u turn out provin u wrong..

all i need is talk to some1..for some1 2b ter..n.......

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


a sOng by name s no..i do not behave like the jenny in the mtv..ahahaha..its quite a cute song anyway..

was curious to know what/who is kaskade..did a 'research' in U-tube..was glad i did!! his music is takin over me..n im goin 2 find his cd at HMV!!..not very sure did he ever spin in sg..but m hopin he'd..heres a remix done by him..njoy!!..

Saturday, June 7, 2008


tHe cutest convers between a child n her mum in the ladies-

1)child laughin loud
mum:'y u laugh?..whats so funny?'
child:mummy ur panty got so many animals! cute!'(note-she said dis sentence rather loud)
mum(half laughin n bein fed up):'u say so loud?!'

2)child:mummy can u close the toliet door?..if not ppl can c
mum:its ok..dis is gal toliet..
child:mummy close the door plz..wha if got boys come inside?
mum:no boys wil come inside gal toliet baby
child(beggin her mum):mummy plz close the door..plz plz plz

fInally 2ml my day off..been workin at Taka since last ters a sale goin on..isnt a gd enviroment to work the office ppl comes down often to 'disturb' us..first of all the way the office ppl manage is wrong wrong wrong..told us not to fold the clothes..jz assist customers..obviously their brians r in their they expect the staf to help customers look for size..when everything is in a BIG BIG mess..n we cant tel customers ters no more X size left or/n we cant find the size they we r the1 who wil be complain..if customer manages to find n we didnt..n how do them 'clever' office ppl xpect sales to go up..when the whole plac is so messy? the end of the day..everythg is our fault..bloody shit those office ppl..i hav to endure til next wed..n everythg wil be over..thank gdness..

sometimes thgs happen..n ters no reason as to y it happens..i duno what im talkin bout here..havnt been on the right track of mind lately..

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Erase N rEwind

lUvin these 2 songs by The Cardigans..its from their old album 'Gran Turison'..luv the endin part of the song 'My Favourite Game' in the video..its rather funny..i seem 2b listenin to old songs nowadays..duno y..wil look for albums i havent listen to for ages..n jz put it on..n dance/chill durin my day off..

some1 used 2 tel me 'as u grow older the friends u hav bcome lesser'..i didnt agreed at first but now i changed my mind..perphas its true wha dat some1 said..every1 has his/her preferred friends or rather spend time w more important ppl in their lifes..wha saddens me is doesnt mean others treasure friendship the way i do..any1 can say 'mz keep in touch'/'lets meet up soon' etc etc..but seriously how many meant wha they say?..none im afriad..many r jz bein poliet or bein NATO(no action talk only) cz talk is cheap..n in dis era..bein ps(abandon) is oh-so common..every1 chooses every1..ur bein ps if ur not cool/pretty/young enough..its the fact..take it or leave it..ters no such thing as forever in dis era anymore..anythg n everythg..any1 n every1 changes wif a blink of an eye..

hav u ever work for a company dat half of the staff r MIM(made in malaysia)?..i used 2 think mim r helpful/friendly ppl..its only now den i realise how much mim njoys bullyin ppl..esp when they r higher post than u..its liked they take pride in shiftin the blame 2 u..makin u look bad..wha do they gain by doin so anyw? they get more $ each time they shift the blame to staff?..n they r super gd in carryin balls..WTF rite?..exactly...