Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Angel In The Night

An angel in the night
sitting waiting
one with broken heart
bleeding screaming

Pool of blood
swimming waiting
feathers on her wing she pluck
smiling rocking

Unrequited love
withering breaking
down the valley
falling twisting

Haunted by fear
an angel in the night
sitting waiting


Cold as ice u pull me in
without a sound take me down

My eyes met yours filled with tears
scream out loud take me down

Over n over this reply
watch it a thousand times
your hands r stained
take me down

Close the lid eyes wide open
cold as ice
put me down

2 of my past poems i wrote last year 'Angel in the night' n 'Drown'..my gdness its been such a long time i havent put on poem writin cap..is it cuz i had somehow freeze my heart so im unable 2 feel anymore?..i do not know the answer...well more poems comin up...

Sunday, September 28, 2008


jUz finished watchin F1..very excitin race..full of twists n turns n dramas..well methink its gd way for the world gettin to know Singapore through this F1 event..many people thought S'pore is in China..*faint*..china is china..s'pore is not in china plz people..though its juz a barely there dot..s'pore isnt in china or anywhere..*sighs*..anyway here r some pics of the F1 1st night race..njoy!


mY weekend off today..went Zouk last night..my gdness Carl Cox was great GREAT GREAT!!!!!!..hes one of my favourite Dj n a great Dj..so its alwaz cool he could drop by our little island to blow us away with his works!..it was very very crowded..maybe cuz due to we r havin the F1 night race so seein alot alot of tourists..the 1st night race n its happenin here in Singapore!..naturally every-one is excitied n those after F1 parties..wow..what can i say..PARTY LIKE A ROCK-STAR MANN!!..hahaha..

lovin this album by Namie Amuro 'Best Fiction'..the songs r rather dance-able..love the beats..'Do Me More','Sexy Girl','Want Me Want Me' r my favourites..below is the MTV of 'Do Me More'..the little gal is so cute!..=)..n those dance moves..wow..

maybe i'll be postin my past poems..do tell me what u think of them ya..used to write poems when im feelin down/upset/angry..havent been writin lately..is it cuz i have freezed my heart unable to feel?..i seriously do not know..

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


mAybe im fated to be alone..suffering heart break after another...maybe im fated not to give out my heart at all..cuz i duno where it is now..but yet i can still feel the pain the confusion the complication...oh yes im smilin laughin a'rite..but does anybody know im not smilin laughin inside?...of cuz not...cuz everyone is too busy......

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

iN a dAze.....

wiF Stanley's help..managed to find n bought Tove Janssion's 'A winter's book' from Kino..they have all her novels!..no i havent read it..cuz readin 'Sleeping wif the fishes' by Maryjanice Davidson..shes the author for dat chit-lit-meet-vampire series i mentioned in previous post..'Sleeping wif fishes' is a 2 books series..if im not wrong..i really like how she writes..cuz its gd..shes very gd wif words..

decided to stay in current job..cuz seriously very tire of startin over again n again..yesh the pay isnt gd..but i like the workin hours,the weekend off(s),the OT pay..i have more me-time to do my stuff(though i hav no idea what!)..n i juz needa..no..i MUST cut down on my spendin..find other ways n means to enjoy/relax myself..i suppose...

oH well..the state of my mind hasnt been clear since 2 weeks ago..it got 'worst' after last friday night..seems like im livin in a daze..most of the time...

Thursday, September 18, 2008


lOve these dolls's hair colour!!!!!!!!!..oh mann wish my hair colour is equally so nice n cool..havent been colourin my hair for ages now..stick to black colour..but realise its slowly changin to brown..weird..

n i cant get enough of ArtnGhosts blog..her art works r truly really gd..hauntin dark cute impressive..the above paintings r done by her too...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


sEe anything strange in the 1st pic?..theres no reflection in the mirror..when im lookin at the 2nd pic i see different faces everytime..n i dun mean the little gal's face..hmm dun u think shes not closin her eyes but lookin down-wards?..
been followin this wonderful blog ArtnGhosts..its a very talented artist's blog..there r alot of cool dark(sometimes) art works..n her works do make u think/feel..at least i do...eg the art work where the gal is walkin 2wards the house..it seems to me she is lost n though the house is juz bside her..she cant seem to see it..n shes a great writer too...from her blog i gotten know gd stories..n i really wana look out for those books she recommended...had already tried 2 book stores..but alas they r not bringin in these books..so..booboo..hav to try my luck in other book stores...

bsides ArtnGhost am followin Childhood flame-a fashion blogger shes only 15 but a great dresser..n she DIY her clothings..though most of her clothings r basics..shes really gd in mix matchin them up..wif the right shoes n accessiores..

Strawberry Kisses, Cupcake,Daydream Lily,Little Paper Planesr few of the blogs that have been keepin me busy/thinkin recently..im glad to find them actually..n most pro i'd find more gd blogs....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

cAt n sHeep

sOme pics from blogs im readin..esp luv the cat n sheep..so cute ^^..managed to find Bat For Lashes ablum 'Fur n Gold'..their music is rather hauntin..n the lead vocalist voice really suit their music.. best to listen to it at night..where one's mood tenda be more drawn to the unknown..or tenda be more mess up..hmmmm...
anyw off to read my fav vampire series 'Undead n unpopluar'..countin down..5 more workin days til my day off...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

N they say.......

few real cool images i found from those blogs i been followin lately...

fOund this band 'Bat For Lashes' from a blog i've been readin lately..lov dis song 'Horse n I'..its hauntin beautiful..hopefully able to find their ablum in HMV..

day off 2day..didnt do anything..cut another old pair of jeans again..haha..wanted to go Bugis street see see look look but decided not to go in the end...am jz 2 lazy..anyw am happy happy FINALLY found dat funny vampire series i've been lookin for in the library!..i thought 1 can borrow more than 4 books..nope..only 4 books..damn!!..

its weird n funny my friends said i've toned down on my image(?)..is dat the word for it?..they said i used 2b punk rock style(hence the nick rocker jen =p)..they were rather shocked when they saw me..'omg wha happen to u?!' was their 1st sentence..ahahahaha..2b honest i duno hav i tone down or not..but i gues its my hair dat make them think so..used to colour my hair n used 2b short spikey n all..but now its black(brown?) straight..am tryin to grow my hair n see how it'll turn out 2b like..well like what my friends said i've become more muji now..ahahahahaha..duh..U__u;

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

jAp wave

wAs way too lazy to go out 2day even though its my day off..so jz stayed at home watched my fav anime 'Cardcaptor Sakura' series wif Muji snack...didnt really do anything(was 2 lazy remember?..U_u;)..but 're-created' my two pairs of wide legged old jeans..haha!!..havent wear them for awhile but they r 2 comfy to giv away..so i cut off the length on both..n cut some designs on them too..wel the end results aint too bad..n im quite please wif meself..might b goin to 're-create' my tops next week..i duno..see how my mood goes.. oh ya..thinkin of buyin Dr Marten boots..hav 2 see how oso..

as promise heres 2 mtvs by japanese singer-Namie Amuro n LunarSea a disbanded japanese group..njoy!!

tAlented Japanese

lOss for words when watchin dis awesome clip..these japanese kids r really very talented/creative!..am most impressed by the 1st group of gals..they r truly gd..i wonder how many hours of pratice these kids put in...

Utada Hikaru..my all-time fav japanese singer..these 3 songs r from her old album 'Deep River'..do check out her mtv..esp on 'Travelling' n 'Sakura Drops'..