Tuesday, October 7, 2008


iTs true..didnt think any-one would read my blog leave comments..n i have 2 followers!!..dats really wow..thkx to every1 for their lovely comments =)..heres another 2 poems..wrote 'Self' last night b4 i went to lala land wif my sexy pillows.. i juz had this image of me pointin a gun at myself..how weird is that?..'Red teddy' was written last year..my friend used 2 say my poems r diffcult to understand..well it doesnt matter..cuz thats the way poems should be no?..haha..the same goes to drawings n such..its not so much whether any1 gets what ur drivin at..n it really doesnt matter what others think or say or feel bout ur works..dats the beauty of arts n even fashion..both allows u 2b unique..

Red Teddy

Pin her down with your venom

such an innocent child

she has died a thousand times

why cant u see

Ghostly whisperings she hears

incurable disease

cold hands reachin to her heart

shivering she gives in to her fears

Poison by the phantom's knife

slash it over n over

her teddy bear she holds

as cold wind wraps her soul

Another time she is dead

venom in her head

poison by phantom's knife

another time shes flyin high


I stand behind me

with a gun pointin self

what r u gonna do

when i pull the trigger

what will u do

Here i m standin behind me

a swiss army knife in hand

what r u gonna do

when i stab me

what will u do

Movin a step back

have no fear

nothing will stop me

standin behind myself

Movin a step back

where r u goin now


Anonymous said...

I love the first poem "Red Teddy" it awesome!
Hope your week is going well =)

mariposa said...

Great poems! Again, I absolutely love the pictures you chose for this post.