Friday, December 18, 2009


-im not some-one who can easily say how i feel..esp to u..usually everything goes wrong when im talkin with u..the words come out tone comes out wrong too..yes im useless like not like other gals..who know how to play around with not like them..who know how to win your just me..i do not know how or what to have u realise..the love i have for u is real..'let nature takes its course..' they say.. 'just relax..and things will be ok gal..' they it gonna to be?..the time for u to leave is drawin near..and yet i still cant tell u..whether in person or not..i love u..plz dun go..stay stay stay...
*1st pic-le love
*2nd pic-karishma.tumblr

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


-dont go..dont go..
-come with me and listen to what the stars are saying?..

-a glittering black rose just for u..

There's a musical box
playing softly in here
can u hear it?
are u able to?
do u want to?
It's always in here
waiting wishing
some-one to notice it to treasure it
waiting wishing
u would
It remains inside here
every-one forgets about it
it remains inside here
no-one willing to open it
My musical box is playing
can u hear me?
*all pics from kari-shma tumblelog