Monday, May 19, 2008


mY wish was granted dis afternoon!!..saw Nat Ho in person FINALLY!!..didnt call him cz was too surprise seein him at Vivo..he looks better in person..should have juz went over n intro myself huh?..wha a pity..although it was only for a few seconds our eyes met..seein him in person really make my day..=)

any1 remeber/heard of dis band Garbage?..they were popular in the 80s..luv dis song 'u look so fine' by them..their famous song is 'Push it' from the same album..

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

jZ my luck

mY all-time fav Sum41 album 'Chunk'..luv all the songs esp 'Im not the1'..its my fav from dis album..another is my all-time fav Madonna"s music video 'Frozen'..the whole video jz suits the song..

a senior is jz a title for my actual fact im more like a General im not complainin..if the manager isnt willin 2 teach/train me..i can teach/train myself..n i know i have been provin myself..i can somehow tell that dis manager is dat type whos scare of her staff bein better than her work-wise..2b honest i duno how she was promoted to a shes too selfish to teach/train her staff..besides bein selfish..shes not understandin as well...jz my luck to hav such a 'gd' manager..

Sunday, May 11, 2008

tAke it or drop it..ur choice

dOne wif my 7 days OJT..luckily passed the small test my manager gav..haha..

does it mean u dun treasure some-one's friendship when u decided to throw away a friendship(so-called)?..of cz theres a reason y this happened..but im not goin to tell the talkin bout it makes my blood boils..haha..totally disagreed when i hear dis 'gd friends r hard 2 come treasure so-so friendship..dun be so stubborn..' stubborn n miscomms DO NOT have anything to do wif it..if it happens 1-2 time..ok ters a u seriously think there was a miscomms when it happened more than 3 times?!..i CANT alwaz be the one givin in when people simply refuses to change..n insists others r wrong..i mean how childish can one be?..consider she is actually older? i tel myself 'enough of her stupid childish bull-shittin..' n dropped her its not worth havin this type of people(friends) in ur life..ters no loss for me anyway..

my fav all-time Sum41 album 'Chuck'..yaya i know this is an old album of theirs..but i really luv it to bits!!!!..haha..heres the link to 1 of their coolest songs from the album--> couldnt find the mtv for dis ya..

Monday, May 5, 2008

dAnce baby dance

lUvin dis song now by Mariah Carey feat T-Pain..the beats reminds me of Phuture..ahahaha..a very danceable song people!!!!!!...

another song from Mariah's new album dat i like..theres no mtv for dis song yet i think..but i do njoy it..

Sunday, May 4, 2008

eAt Tiger Beer Any1?

mY friend brought me to dis dessert shop near adam food centre earlier..the ice-cream flavours there r WOW..the shop's name is Island Creamery frozen desserts..i tried 3 different flavours at 1 go n was amazed by it..1 taste like tiger beer..2nd taste like pear mix wif voka..the last taste like holick..besides ice-cream they hav mud pie/muffins/cakes/drinks as well..they hav another outlet at Great i can brin my frends there next time..=)..the ice-cream flavours cant be found anywhere..n the price is ok too..thank u stanley for bringin me to this nice ice-cream store!! i know tiger beer is for eatin..not drinkin..hahaha..

Friday, May 2, 2008

qUitter i am not ok..U__u:

wEll im out of the fucked up(xcuse me) company..the bos wanted 2 cut cost so yesterday was my last day at work..n i havent evn hand-over my on-hand projects to my senior!..the bos said(n i quote) 'oh all these projects r pretty straight 4ward..she wil understand 1'..i was liked wtf of cz u said straight i jz explained 2 u!..i jz told my bos 'oh really?..its ok..its better i come down office on saturday 2 do a proper hand-over'..he kept quiet..its liked wha is dis?!..its easy for the bos 2 jz say oh its straight 4ward blah blah blah..when hes not the1 takin over my on-hand projects..i seriously duno n dun understand y is it so diffculit for the bosses(there r 2 of them actually)2 see/understand wha their sales people r goin through..n both hav been in dis line for long!!..

went for a jog this afternoon..haz..i know i the weather was seriously hot 2 the max..haha..didnt really jog i havent exercise in a long while..but i felt real fresh after that =)..wanted 2 go swim..ended up couldnt find my goggles!..cant remember where i put it..too many 'rubbish'..hahaha..