Wednesday, September 23, 2009


-if i ask you to stay..will you?..i didnt tell you what are the reasons why i'd rather u go back..cuz i know you feel empty..feel pressured workin here..i know you won't stay for any-one..but i can't help ask..will you stay for her?..will you stay just cuz she asks you to everyday?..yes i know you have learnt alot from her..yes i know both of you are very very closed..and getting closer each day..which gal is able to take it..seeing another gal closed to the one she loves? much to say to you..but those words juz won't come..6 more months to go..and you are leaving..6 more months..

-please stay..don't go..please stay.........

*forget where i get the pics..sorry...

Saturday, September 12, 2009


-because i realise there's only you
because i realise there can be only you
because i realise i love you
i do not know how to
say these words to you
yet i'm sure you know
*1st pic-black and white's tumblelog
2nd pic-art&ghosts

Monday, September 7, 2009


- You are the only one i wana see
the only voice i long to hear

only you have the strength
to pull me through

You' re so near yet so far
so much i wana say to you
yet silence is all that is

Is this how its going to be
between us
a distance so huge
is this how its going to be
for us
silence is all that is

-I don't know what to do
with this heart of mine
i don't know how to deal
with this heart of mine

All the tears hurt and pain
live inside
there is only so much
i could bear

And yet no-one understands
no-one cares
telling me to stop loving you
protecting you from me they are

How can it be good
how is it better
when its you i can't forget
when its you thats been living inside
all these while

*pic from black and white's tumblelog

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


one by one is leavin..2b honest i no longer wana be strong anymore..2b honest i no longer see the point 2 anymore..what disappointed they knew whats happening..they knew whos the trouble-maker..and yet..still expected me to TRY for one last time..HELLO..ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!! only human..theres a limit to how much i CAN bear too..yes i know this is life..i just have 2 deal with it blah blah blah whatever whatever..

nothing is going

What more can i do
except put this love for you inside
so much to say yet
words alone not enough

Does it even matter now
how much im missing you
eight more months
and you will be gone

Eight more months
what am i going to do
how am i going to be

*1st pic-black and white's tumblelog
2nd pic-the animal blog