Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I walk this line of scattering sound alone
hundreds and hundreds of egg-shells i walk
drowning myself deep in this breaking sound
echoing in the dark my breaking heart

-please stop tellin me to stop loving him just like that...please stop expecting me to stop thinking about it just like only human..i have feelings you forget...我也是人....

no longer know the definition of the word 'friend' friend(s) turn their back on you when ALL you need is a listenin ear? friend(s) mia like bubbles when ALL you need is some1 2b there?..some1 said 'i duno how 2 approach i just ignore her..'..what a gd way 2 just avoid and ignore..yes im an emo freak..yes i ONLY talk/ask bout the same old thing..ONLY talk/ask bout the same that y im a major turn-off? facin stress/pressure at work too..and yet others treat me as if i dun have feelings..when i cry..does any1 see?..does any1 know? them..i wont strong etc etc..none sees me at all..

its best to just shut my mouth..just stop talkin so freakin i feel isnt important anymore...cuz the thing now is..no1 cares..no1 bothers anymore....


-im standing here im always here
im not going anywhere
do you see me at all?
can you see me at all?

do you wana see me at all?

*all pics from Black and white's tumblelog

Tuesday, August 25, 2009



Tuesday, August 18, 2009


1st pic- would love to have this cute moody soft toy..looks just like me!..
2nd pic-am waiting for this movie..
3rd pic-a view i'd love to have every night when lyin in my bed..
4th pic-is the world comin to an end?..
*pics from,,tumblelog

Friday, August 14, 2009


i duno how to fill this emptiness you are feeling..and it makes me feel very useless and helpless...
it makes me sad knowin u feel empty and lonely..
*all pics from black and white's tumblelog

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Finished watchin this old-school anime 'Candy candy' sure brings back alot of memories..watched the series on tv way way back..watched it again when i found it in Youtube..last week bought the whole series as it was on me childish or whatever..but i do love anime..i dont think its only for there are things about life to learn in anime..take 'Candy candy' for example..even though she been through alot..she still try 2b a cheerful helpful gal..she still try 2b positive..this a trait we have 2 learn in life no?..2b positive cheerful and helpful..yes i admit im no good in bein positive..no1 can beat me in begin negative..its true..which is y people say im emo..oh well..
dun u just like masks?..i to bits..every1 in life has a number of masks they it 2 protect themselves so others cant hurt them?..or is it just for show?..wearin masks i mean..
many things people only see from the surface..sometimes things arent what it appears 2b..sometimes things are simple..its our minds and what others say..that make it complicated..make it confusing..yes its alwaz easy to just open your mouth and takes alot of determination courage to ACTUALLY do it..esp when comes to love..yes i do know its better i dont think about it anymore..just let it tryin..i really am..but the thing i tryin hard enough? still learnin 2 understand still learnin 2 show him prove 2 not what i appear 2b..what others may say about me..but the thing is..does he notice im tryin?..does he wanna notice im tryin?..
i just miss him alot..miss those happy moments those happy times..
*all pics from deviatart

Friday, August 7, 2009


1st pic- my dream home always..never mind if one day the sea decided to turn ugly..and pull me way down into the sea-bed..
2nd pic-a white rose for 小巨人..if i can find a black rose..its much better
3rd n 4th pics-aint they just sooooooooooo cute!?...wish i have that cute cute cat..
yes i know this post is rather random..anyway hope u like the lovely pics..
*1st n 2nd pics-tumblelog
3rd n 4th pics-the animal blog