Sunday, March 30, 2008


luv dis song!..the beats r damn awesome!!!..should hav check the title of dis song 1st b4 i buy 'step-up2' dis song isnt in it..duno y its not in..

dis song is so annoyin dat its funny!..heard it first when watchin Family Guy when Brian did dis was sooOooO funny!..i found the original version of it in U-tube..if theres a Stewie version of dis'd be soOoo cool!..wha with his british accent n him shakin his tiny ass!!..


iS it possible 2 hide one's true feelings, 2 pretend when u luv some1?..hide one's feelings inside so no1 can see those heart-break those tears..pretend he means nothing when in fact hes so important 2 u..not every1 wanna listen..not every1 likes any1 when he/she plays the vicitm..every1 has his/her fair share of broken heart in luv..the difference is havin the courage 2 luv again..havin the courage 2 open your heart again 2 get hurt..havin the courage 2 learn 2 let go n move on..i read an article on how guys deal w heart-break..true they get drunk get wasted(who doesnt i wonder)..its either they 'get back 2 the game' or they bury themselves w huge another words guys tend 2 hide the hurt sadness they feel..its no wonder they need longer time 2 heal..or do they?..

mayb its gd 2 hide one's true feelings inside huh?..who knows?..

Thursday, March 27, 2008

lOok here..yes here!

hAve alwaz like dark gothic images..hmm duno y also.. im not a gothic..though few friends say i am..haha..seriously im not..anyw here r some gothic pics..hav way too many..U___U;

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

wiSh i could dance like dat

wAs blown away when watchin the movie 'step up 2-the streets'..blown away by the dancers n their smooth cool omg moves!..its jz amazin they could dance like jz make u wish u were there seein it wif ur own eyes..i miz 'step-up 1'..luckily theres no link in the story..oh ya..i really luv the lead actress Braina husky voice..she reminds me of Lindsay Lohan somehow..wouldnt mind watchin it of the dances =>..the dance 2wards the end is the best..

am happy only when im out meetin clients..s im stil new in my job theres nothing much for me 2 do..n my senior is very busy wif her own work load..other than callin clients 2 make appointments wif them..i dun really hav much 2 do..n u know how human beings r..they like to complain/compare(esp s'poreans)..i wont be surprise there r people in dat smal company sayin im alwaz so fre while they r so bloodly busy..sometimes its not 2 say im sensitive..u jz know/can feel it some-how when something goes wrong..yeah yeah i know..jz heck care these people..jz go there do wha im suppose 2 do den go home..

Sunday, March 23, 2008


watched 'The spiderwick chronicles' last night..quite worth watchin..though its unlike LOTR its stil rather waitin for the followin movies..'Becomin jane'..'Dark knight'..'Pride n glory'..'Definitely maybe'..'The happenin'..alot of gd movies are comin..but these r the few i'd wanna watch esp 'Dark knight' n 'Pride n glory' now jz wait..haha..

there was a survey in the newspaper last month i think..askin guys is looks the most important factor..the % is quite high(cant remember how high it is)..i think age is oso another factor to guys when they consider a potential gf..i hav heard guys sayin they prefer older women cz they r more independent..but truth is local guys stil prefer younger doesnt matter she dun look her age..local guys stil prefer younger(or same age) gals..i wont say its sad superficial dat guys go for'd be a lie if i say gals dun..but beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder..i may find a guy gd lookin..but it doesnt mean other people wil juz abit my age bothers them guys i dun blame kinda can understand doesnt matter i look younger than my age..whether i like it a not.. my age stil bother guys..

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

dAmmit !!!!!!!!!!!...

yup dis is Nat Ho

'we become so accustomed to disguise ourselves to others,that at last we are disguised to ourselves'-Francois Duc la Rochefoucauld
'..the thing i am becomes something else..the shadow is cast'-Bauhaus "Mask"

wHat a day mann!!!!!..followed my senior 2 meet clients after lunch..n gues wha happen when we were bout 2 go in the cab?..i had a nasty fall due 2 the heavy down-pour..U__U; was so so damn embarrssing cz a group of students walked pass n they kept 1 side of my butt hurts alot..*sigh*..dammit dammit..

went 2 the library after work..hopin 2 find the followin series of 'Undead n unwed'..didnt find any..but instead found dis another vampire novel by Melissa De La Cruz titled 'Masquerade'..think the story-line is gd..i seem 2b readin more vampire lit now huh?..hmmm..

jz watched 'Enbloc'..its a local ch5 tv drama..the plot is gettin more n more interestin..2b honest i dun normally watch local it ch 5 or 8..its mostly cz dis actor Nat Ho dat i started watchin 'Enbloc'..haha..hes an up-n-comin actor..filmin in both ch5 n 8..lately he had done quite a few both mags n newspapers..ya i'd likea know him but i know 2 its not possible..even though we have a common friend..haz..oh well..

Saturday, March 15, 2008

iTs a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fOund this very interestin novel 'Undead n un wed' by Mary danice Davidson..its chick lit meets vampire action type of novel n comes in series..i didnt wanna stop readin once i started cz its really ahilarious entertaining fun read!..luv the way she writes..witty..very witty..wel at least its something different from what i alwaz read..i mean..ya its stil chick lit but it not only touches on romance/family values/ touches on vampires also..haha..and the plus point is..its not like those gross gross vampire lit..u know..lotsa killings/blood/rippin your neck type..ya..theres another author i'd likea intro s well..Colette Caddle..her novels touches more on family values/friendship n romance..chick lit yes..had read a few novels by her so far..jz borrowed 'The Betrayal of grace mulcahy' in the mist of readin 'Undead n unemployed' now..a follow-up to 'Undead n unwed'..

u'd be surprise there r actually gd-2-read novels in the library..its really a case of dun judge a book by its cover theory..of cz they dun have the latest novels but u'd stil find novels that have gd story-line n not some1 whos a fast borrowin from the library..actually 'teaches' me to read faster..n its a gd way to save up $ too..

hAve been watchin this cartoon series 'Family Guy'..its so damn funny mann!!!!! fav character in the show is Stewie of cz..hes the baby in the family but the most clever cunning baby ever!!..mann i really adore him..haha..i think not many locals know this cartoon..its by the same director from 'South Park' sure many knew/heard of it rite?..

Friday, March 14, 2008


hAve u been so sad/sick/tire of your life dis world ur livin in dat nothing else matters anymore?..have u try to speak/talk but when u open your mouth not a sound can be heard to any1?..when u open your mouth not a word makes sense or come out right?..ur so sick/tire of people u jz duno who to talk to no1 has the time/energy to listen? almost every1 tells u he/she is busy or no time?..

yeah i know y im feelin sad/tire/sick..i jz didnt tel any1..not really tel