Monday, April 28, 2008


iTs time 2 get out of dis fuckin current job!!..cant take it anymore..such a small company n yet ters no team-work wha-so-eva..n its liked they njoy makin things difficult for the sales ppl..n the sales ppl get blame for EVERYTHING!! me a quitter or whaeva..i dun care..i dun see the point in wastin my time n their time anymore..n i dare to say its not as if i never try..i did try..2b honest i truly salute my senior..jz imagine..she been through alot more shit in her 1yr wif dis shitty company..n shes still hangin on..wel she loves dis job..for me..enough is enough!!..

Saturday, April 26, 2008

bLind s bats

wAs at Zouk Anthony Pappa was awesome mann!!!!!!!..the music he spin last9 really was damn damn awesome it got better n better..goin 2 get his latest album mann!!..haha..theres another dj i like..James Lavelle..his house music is more to darker side(if u know wha i mean)..missed his dj session dat time when he was spinnin at Zouk..hope he'd come back again..=(

work-wise isnt gettin any better..showed my temper yesterday at the clients n company were pissin me off BIG time..its gettin to the point i duno what my job title is..out-door sales cum indoor sales cum admin asst clerk cum delivery gal..which 1 is my job title?..its bad enough im alwaz sandwichin between unreasonable nonsense clients n the company..i hav notice though its a smal company..ters no team work wha-so-ever at wha its benefits r gd?..its nothing when ters no team work..n the bosses r jz simply 2 blind/dun appreciate the sales staf r tryin 2 brin in jobs..

Saturday, April 19, 2008

bLah blah blah

nOte to self:
-do not wear a hat dats too big for ur head
-do not trust any1 so easily..even urself..
-do not talk so much
-do not be so naive

wha would u do when u hav zero experience in a job n yet ur bosses compare u wif ur fellow colleagues?..i do not take hints..i am not bein too sensitive..if my bosses think im not performin..jz tel me straight in the face..n not drop hints here n there..dun they even have the guts to tel me in the face?!.. it is so fuckin irriatin..

yes it doesnt feel gd 2b compared wif ur fellow colleagues whos been workin there almost a yr or so..n its not liked i have any experience in dis tryin my best to brin in jobs as well..tryin my best to lay my is unfair irriatin to the max when u go back office..n realise the bosses dun even bother/care..n often things jz hav 2 get u duno whas goin on behind ur back..duno whas goin on when ur out tryin to brin in jobs almost current job is fun?..i take these words back..

i did try to learn as much as i can..did try to do my job ok..i did try..but things r gettin damn pissed off/frustratin/fucked up when ur constantly sandwich between those interior designers n ur ur the one bein arrow when things go wrong..i did try..i did..

Saturday, April 12, 2008

iTs jz a number..NOT..

tHis is how it happens usually..notice guy lookin at me..we awhile..the interest ends when guy asks how old am im older than him..not 1-2yrs older..but by quite alot..

yes i know that my age bothers younger guys..yes i know guys stil prefer younger/same age/1-2yrs older gals..i do understand no young guy wana be wif/be seen goin out wif older gal..yes some guys prefer older gals..but not a gal 10-13yrs older..true them guys can say anything they like..but bottom-line is its stil younger/same age/1-2yrs older gals they'd go after..

love is blind?..age is juz a number?..clearly not to doesnt mean i dun mind younger guys..they dun mind older gal as well..which is y now..even if im attracted to some1..its pointless..its not so much i dun wana giv myself or him a chance..but rather he wouldnt wana giv me a chance..simply cz my age isnt jz a number to him...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

bOring U____U;

wAs eatin cheese n ham sandwiches wif my fav kopi-o at Shenton Way.. lookin at all those office people walkin passed as it was lunch hour..n realised the way they dressed is really oh so borin to the max..its liked every1 is wearin uniforms..yes i know dat there r certain restrictions on office wear..but one can be creative in mix n match right?..i mean isnt it borin wif a capital B..lookin at every1 wearin the same old theme?..sometimes accessories make a difference..a belt/scarf/necklance/handbag/ear-ring etc make or break an outfit..if u know how to accessorize..a simple outfit can look WOW when matchin wif the suitable accessory..i gues people here r simply too lazy 2b bothered dressin up abit..

been feelin the stress n pressure at i sux BIG time in pc..haha..alwaz hav 2 ask for help on dis n dat..hate it..i dun really talk much to my colleagues..1 thing my desk(so-called U__U;) is liked im alone at dat area..i talk more to the computer screen/phone/street-directory book..yes i prefer goin out meet up wif clients/passin catalogs to clients..although my bosses said gettin the clients to know me is wha i hav 2 do for the 1st 2 months..i stil hav to brin in jobs no matter wha right?..yes i pressurin its not liked im in dis job for 3 months yeah..oh well..anyway not workin dis saturnday so.. happy of cz..^^

Sunday, April 6, 2008

nO use for a name..

a vEry old song but i love it its the way i feel for a certain some1..

dun really listen to chinese songs..but luv dis song by Jay Chou..its from his 1st or 2nd album..

my all-time fav Bjork songs..esp 'Play Dead'..

another old song..but i like..

Thursday, April 3, 2008


lOvin dis song now..hear it @ Phuture whenever i club ter..really like the lyrics..its true sometimes its really 2 late to the damage is already done..n not a word 'sorry' will make the pain/hurt go away..yes u wil 4giv dat person who did u wrong or whaeva..but sometimes..its not about whether dat person apologise a bein 2 deep here? dun think in dis era we r dis generation..almost every1 throws words they dun mean at all so easily..words like 'sorry'..'i luv u'..'take care'etc dun mean anything now..

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

tHe birds n the bees n gary n taxi-drivers..

-dis Gary Cao ge..a malaysia singer who made it big in taiwan/sg/malaysia etc..he does look abit like Stephen Chow..n get dis..i hv a friend who looks abit like Stephen..but Gary..its true..=>

diS band The Bird n The Bee music r rather gd..found dis remix version of their song 'Fuckin Boyfriend'..its real cool!!..listen 2 it n shake your pom pom mann!!..

ever heard few people told me..sometimes its better sharin ur problems wif a stranger..maybe to an extend its true..i have to travel around in my new getta chat wif taxi-drivers..2day dis taxi-driver shared wif me his problems..on work/marriage..i didnt know how to console him as im rather bad wif i jz listened..b4 i alighted..i jz told him to relax abit..take it easy..n dun think 2 much..although it isnt the 1st time a stranger shares wif me his/her problem..i jz wonder where do they get the courage to open up to a stranger..yes i do understand at times every1 jz needs some1 2 doesnt matter he/she is a stranger..n mayb the facts dat nowadays theres lesser n lesser human touch in our life..n also many jz dun care/bother on people who r not their preferred friends..many of us would rather turn to/open up to the % of seein each other is truly small..even though s'pore is 'BIG'..