Wednesday, November 26, 2008


gLad to be away from work..even its juz one day..been very frustrated at work since last no im not goin to rant bout it'll bore u to death..haha..U__U;..all i can say is under the working environment of my current job..even if given 10 wont be enough..and its not so much its so damn busy..and when u show that u r frustrated/pissed off..they say(without knowin u knew) u have attitude problem/bein difficuit..

heres a poem i wrote 3 years ago(omg!!)..think its a very suitable piece..considerin the way im feelin call me emo or whateva shit u want..
lookin 4ward to a new life next year..hopefully all will fall in2 place eventually..freedom comes with one hefty price..ya it sure does..

have a fun fun weekend people!!..=]

Liar N Poseur

Just who do u think u r talking about me like that
havent u heard what goes around comes around
havent u for once thought i'd somehow knew about those lies u say

Just who do u think u r, a saint?
does what u say/do put u a level higher than me
take your lies your hyprocrisy away
cuz i dun need n dun want them
stop shovin those meaningless words of yours into my face
cuz i dun trust u anymore

Masks u have been wearin to deceive all
before long they r goin to fall
who will u run to now
where r u goin to hide now

For all u have said and done
will be hauntin u no end


autumn said...

hey, it's been a while. i'm in a hurry right now but though i'd drop by here first.

sure you can leave your email. you can post it on my blog. i won't approve it so it'll keep private.

i'll have a 2-day vacation. i'll be back on saturday. i'll be reading your blogs then. talk to you soon. take care always. =]

Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

Wow! Where do you get these ideas from ? You write so well !

Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

How you doing?

Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment! Hope you get better soon :D Take Care!

mariposa said...

Hey! Awesome poem! I really like the strong feeling it expresses.

btw, thanks for the comment :)