Tuesday, May 26, 2009


everyone suddenly burst out singing
a song i have not hear before
yet another unfamiliar song
as i stand silently here

something is not right
a heavy tension fills the air
everyone continues singing
unable to hear me calling

in black and white they walk
stalks of black white roses throw
women in veils men in suits
singing walking slowly

following behind i am
taking in the sight infront
for the one laying there
is me
another poem i written with the opening of a poem by Siegfried Sassoon entitled Everyone Sang via carry on tuesday blog..i do like this idea Keith came up with for his blog..thkx to Shadow for sharing too..its a good way..for me at least..to try come up with poems every week..as i havent been actively writing poems as i used to..
its upsetting it hurts when some-one u thought know u better misunderstand u..i never thought # would think/said about me this way..i never thought my behaviour would have # think/said bout me in this manner..yes im one very emotional freak..i tenda show how i feel..tenda let my emotions control me rather than i control them..and cuz of this im immature?..and cuz of this im mentally sick?..im a human being..i have feelings too..yes i know well #'s intention in saying what # said to me..yes i know well what # wants me to do..its not so much im blaming # even though #'s words/behaviour hurts me worst than hell..i wouldnt care less if # isnt important to me..i wouldnt..
often its not i wanna think so much..often things i heard things i see(and i rather not)trigger the way i feel..but i dun tell any-one..i dun tell #..and i keep things inside..in the end..im an immature lunatic in #'s eyes...
yes i cant let go..yes i dun wana give up..i dun want to..

Thursday, May 21, 2009


a cloudless night like this
can set the spirit soaring
do you see the full moon rising?
do u hear it calling?

come run with me
feel the wind whispering
come run with me
freedom of being wild

under this cloudless night
with the full moon shining bright
howling in the dark
screaming silently from the heart
theres a new site 'carry on tuesday' by keith..every week he'd come up with lines from a poem or song..and u can carry on from there..this week the opening line is from 'A walk after dark' by W.H. Auden..do check out carry on tuesday..
*pic from tumblr

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


hAve taken loving this beautiful animal-wolf..they seem so gentle so mystery..how free it would feel if i could run with them howl at the moon at night..
i do need lotsa four-leaf clovers in my life now..its been said four-leaf clover brings good luck to a person..have u heard of it?..do u believe in it?..im quite a superstition person..i believe in ghosts/life after death/life in other planets etc etc..maybe thats why others tenda say im weird or strange or whatever..i duno..oh well...
我不想放弃我办不到我真的办不到..im sorry..
*pic from tumblr.com

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


bEen listening to Duffy alot lately..strangely her songs even though are mostly about lost love /broken heart..it kinda calm me down when listening to her ablum..
found these cute cheery pics from Vivien Westwood Audi fashion show which was shown here few days back..love the black top with the golden hand on it(2nd pic)..and the model's make-up/hairstyle go with the outfit perfectly!..i like!!..like the hair-style and the outfit in the 3rd pic too..i cant carry such hair-style(bird-nest hair-style i call it)..im trying to keep my hair long now..its taking too slow for my hair to be long except for my fringe..it tenda covers one of my eyes cuz of the length..and cuz of this im being pinpoint at work..*sigh*..whatever...
u know many times when people dont like your face juz because..and u get piss off when they try to make your life difficult..u juz have to constantly tell yourself to bear with it..breathe in breathe out..let go..dont think so much?..the worst part is when this person is your manager!..yes im in this kinda problem(so-called)now..i seriously duno how the hell she came in as a manager when she clearly dont have the experience!..the way she works is oh-so unprofessional..so childish..almost everyday i drag myself to work..if not for few of my colleagues..i'd have died countless times at work!..
*first pic from tumblr
second-fourth pics from sg.msn.com

Friday, May 8, 2009


*images from tumblr

'what am i to you you do not need..what i am to you is not what you mean to me..'-Damien Rice 'Volcano'

let go let go let go let go..open your mind,hand and heart and let go..let it go..just let it go..let go.....

Wednesday, May 6, 2009



In this cage i place
pieces of broken heart i shed
repeat rewind repeat rewind
it doesnt seem to end

Thousands and thousands of pieces
fill this cage
a river deep of tears flowing
a river deep of tears flowing

Screaming in the silence
covering my mouth
i scream

Given up i leave
throw away this cage i leave
closing my eyes i dive

A river deep of tears flowing

yEs another (emo/sad) poem..
what will u do when u keep falling in life?..what will u do when u realise no matter what people wont give u the chance?..what will u do when ur being treating unfairly?..what u will u do when u realised too late in this pathetic life ur breathing no-one truly cares like from the bottom of their hearts?..

yes i've heard learn to get up from where u fall and all that shit..yes i've heard life wont be downwards spinning all the time..theres ups and downs..after all these failed r/s..i feel like the BIGGEST failure anyone ever known..i feel im the most stupid person anyone ever known..but who cares?..yeah who does?..nobody..

perphas im not suppose to be borned at all..perphas im not supposed to love anyone at all...