Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Play Dead

Hook me up on some medication

take me down like a light

have me coming back for more

Paint my nails n lips black

my thinking askew

they put me on some medication

have me coming back for more

Have me on a leash

im submissive

have me on a leash

an uncontrollable mind

Im at wars within myself

cant u see

a battle-field stays in my head

Hearing voices telling me to stop

udo all my evil doings

clasp my hands tightly

rocking slowly

yUp another poem written last year..hmm dun really like the endin bit..but had no idea how to end/edit gonna jz leave it as it is..for now..ya me day off had changed to wed..not knowin y though..maybe it'll change again..after LABO launch..lets wait n see..

finished readin 'Undead n Uneasy'..waitin for the 7th novel..thought that was the last..but somehow the story seem 2b hangin there..m happy knowin its not over..yet..whats the story bout?..its actually a chic-lit vampire series..n its damn damn funny!!..

does any1 believe in fate/past life?..was chattin wif a friend last night n what he said had me thinkin bout fate/past life..i duno mann..its not so much i believe in fate/past life or not..but i cant explain why an event happened over n over..yes if it happen 1-2 times..thats coincidence..but more than 3 times? u call it fate then?..what if its true im here to pay back to him what i owned him in our past life?..what if im wrong thinkin dis way?...i really duno..n its seriously messin up my mind...

wOw cant believe dis is my 50th post!!..well thkx to every1 takin time to read n comment..i appreciate it..lots..thank u once again =)..


autumn said...

wow. deep words you used on that poem. have to check my thesaurus. lol.

but it's love as it is. =]

can't comment about fate. i just believe that everything happens for a reason.

congrats for the 50th post. ^^

mariposa said...

Wow, I love the part where you write about a battlefield in your head. And again, those are awesome pictures :) Congrats on your 50th post!!

ashley said...

the little snail in my plant pot is made of terracotta {not a real snail} maybe that would make him easier to find;)
that poem is amazing- once again.
as for fate-it depends really- am not sure we are here to serve someone else, maybe to try again- make ours a better life with kinder choices- but whatever you do dont think and worry about passes too quickly to ponder why it is here...just confused me too!
hope you are having a wonderful week dear!
x ashley

autumn said...

haha. thanks. though i didn't know you could relate to some of my piece. thanks for that.

i like your poems, too. coz those are the things i want to write as well. i like the words you use on your poems. and i'm kind of curious about your title. haha.

but anyway, thanks again. are you a Singaporean? I'm a Filipino. =]