Saturday, November 1, 2008


lAst nite's Halloween party was fun..many made the effort to dress up n it was really fun seein so many ghosts(eastern n westen),screamin skeleton masks,monsters etc dancin n tryin to scare people..=>..there was a best costume contest..a guy dressed as the Death angel from the japan anime 'Death Note' was the winner..u can tell he put in alot of effort makin the costume n stuff..what did i dress up as?..myself!!..i figured im scary enough as myself..haha..U__U;..

been thinkin do friendships really last..i know every-one has his/her preferred friends to spend time with..still i cant help feel sad whenever friends(so-called) drift apart..simply ur not the one they prefer to spend time with..when ur not the one they r willin to make the effort to keep the friendship goin..its liked it doesnt matter to them whether u live or die..n the excuse they use?..'busy' of cz..yes they maybe really busy or whatever..but r they?..i have my doupts..yes im tire..very tire..alwaz the one tryin to keep the friendships goin..n yes i wonder do i really have friends..maybe i dun..maybe im fated 2b alone..with no love no nothing...

anyway heres a poem i wrote tell me what u think..cheerio!!

Layer by layer
she hides
disguise or protection
shes confused

Lost in those layers of masks
she dons
another one falling
another one reveals
never ending

Who she really is
she doesnt know
trapped in the mirror
is her true self

Or is it
no-one knows


autumn said...

honestly, i love it. your poem. love the words you used.

oh wow. i like Death note, the movie. i like Light/Kira and L. lol @ u for saying that you're scary enough as yourself, which i doubt. =p

friends? hmm. i got a lot. but for those who already forget me, i don't usually force them to remember me. move on, girl. there's a lot of good friends out there. cheer up. here's a hug for you. hugsss! ^^

autumn said...

you're welcome. i learned a lot from meeting people. if i feel like it's not worth of keeping the friendship, i let it go. yeah, i feel sad, too. but life's like that. gotta live with it. and i know somehow you'll get by. =]

oh, yeah, she's fine now. whew. glad she is. thanks. ^^

autumn said...

thanks again.

wonder also why some people can't comment on my blog. perhaps, it's because of my imeem or the pics i post, the reason why it takes sometime to load my page. o_O

ashley said...

i did nothing for halloween~ no parties out here!~ but would have loved to put on a mask...
friends...hard one, it takes time to find the ones that will stay by your side~ think of the others as building blocksc{does that sound cruel?!}, they come and go but leave an impression on you that does matter~ even if it hurts, you can learn from it...
i like the poem,
x ashley

Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

I mean..omigosh ! I love your poem! It's so touching...I love every word you write! Honestly! Nice to know that Halloween was fun ! My weekend was good !

autumn said...

thanks for taking the quiz. =]

btw, we can be friends if you want. ^^

autumn said...

wow. i love the moon on top. cool. i used it as a tag on one of my posts here on blogspot.

i changed my background a week ago.

thanks for accepting my offer of friendship. i don't usually make new friends. but i just felt i wanted to know you more. =]

mariposa said...

Great poem! As you probably have guessed, I've always been really interested in masks (hence, the name of my blog). Btw, I like the new banner with the moon on your blog :)