Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Turned Cold

Time freezes
i cant move on
payin for my mistakes
indebts deep

Watch me
turn to ashes
scatter me
into the ocean

Time follows
why am i still here
why is it
i still cant move on

Watchin from above
watchin from above
rewind repeat

Screamin out loud
for this to end

wRote this on monday i times feel like im havin writer's block..its liked my poems arent as gd as b4..where my creative hat disappear to?..=[..maybe it had gone for a long long holiday..i duno tell me what u think..

anyway im readin this novel by Luck Hepburn-'Clicking Her Heels'..its rather cute..Amy Marsh(a shoe addict)bf sells her shoes collection on ebay when he mistakenly believes shes 2-timin him..this sends her off around the world to get(buy?)all her shoes back..but it turns out 2b more than a journey of gettin her shoes back..

no i didnt buy this novel..its from the library..there r many interestin the saying goes'dont judge a book by its cover' holds true of cz..its the same as dun be so quick to judge a person by his/her appearance..we dun hav the right to judge any1 anyway agreed?..

oh slowly come to realise i have-no life no friends no love..oh ya do check out dis site- r lotsa meaningful quotes n cool nice pictures..=)


ashley said...

but you do have life...always,
and remember what goes down must come up~ thinkgs always get better~ promise:)
x ashley

autumn said...

got writer's block sometimes, too. but honestly, your poems are good. really good.

don't ever think that you got no life. life is good as well, so enjoy what you have and not what you're missing.

btw, i don't usually ask questions. *whispers* i'm not nosey. so what i see is what i get. but you can count on me, anytime. i'm just a message away. ^^

take care always. hugs. ^^

Okie said...

Cool poem. I love the pictures you chose to go with it.

The book you're reading sounds interesting...a quirky light story at first glance, but with a lot of depth underneath as she goes on an intriguing journey.

Cool post.

Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

omg! i love all your poems ! the yare just mind blowing!!! and i love the pictures

Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

Thanks!! Glad you like my poem !! :) So, I'm waiting for a new post...i mean, a new poem! :)

mariposa said...

Great poem! And awesome pictures :) Btw, no I don't collect masks - but that would be a cool hobby, wouldn't it? & my halloween was ok, usually I have a party, but my parents didn't want one this year which was a downer. But I went to another party, which was fun :)

Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

What's your mail id? check this site out

autumn said...

i knew why you like it. because of the moon and stars. wonder if we're both nocturnal. lol. but thanks, btw. =]

i understand when you said about the "got-no-life" thingy. i used to be like that. now, i'm going out with friends. i drink before i go to work. but hush, nobody knows that. haha.

anyway, hope you're having a great weekend. *kisses*

ryan manning said...

neutral facial expression

autumn said...

well, the only key: acceptance. =]

i hope you had a fabulous weekend. hugs. ^^

Mila said...

Wow dear, this is a gorgeous poem!
I can really 'feel' it.

The quote about love you told me in the comment on my blog is indeed SO true. I just realised this week and last week how true that one is. Sad, but true.

LOVE for you, dear!


ashley said...

that little thing was a vase. and the marilyn monroe quote is a wonderful one~ thanks for sharing sweetie:)
x ashley

Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

I'm glad you like my poem. But you know, reading your poems is different. Your poems have less words in it, but they are very catching ! Try that link again. You'll like that site!

$tRangeR tO l!fe....♥ said...

hey!!awesome poem!nd lovely piks!