Monday, December 29, 2008


iTs only today i realised its 2009 this thursday..had been crazy busy at work lately..what with people shopping before xmas durin xmas after xmas..n stupid stock taking..its no wonder time quietly pass me by..

i will come back with another post soon..
heres wishin all a happy happy 2009 in advance!

Friday, December 26, 2008


hEy have fun on xmas?..mine was spent workin..its alrite cuz went for xmas count-down with my friend in the club we always go..yup it was very crowded..people were merry-makin..happy n why was it i didnt really enjoy myself on xmas eve?..i was there but i wasnt there too..know what i mean?..i was so-not there that i mistaken some-one as my friend..went n poked him! was so embarrassin!!..that shows u where my mind was..maybe not only durin that night..been feelin kinda like walkin-dead these days..

had finished the 2nd book of my horrors the 3rd n 4th books were sold-out in the local book stores!..mann should've juz bought when they were still now while waitin i borrowed few books from library..n bought 1 novel 'Eat Pray Love' waiting for the movie 2b shown here..speakin of movies..
here are a few movies im waitin
-Ponyo On The Cliff By The Sea:a japanese anime..real cute
-Transformer2:my fav decepticon SoundWave will be in it finally
-InkHeart:a fantasy movie..i saw the 2nd or 3rd book from this novel
-The Uninvited:a horror movie..havent watch horror show since forever

will try to come up with a poem..but no promise..i dun like promise..cuz its meant 2b broken? the mean-time..heres some pics..mostly are from by this site for great pics!..

well wishes to all in 2009!!

thank u all for your lovely comments n takin time out to read*bow*

Monday, December 15, 2008



Looking with those eyes
walkin slowly u came
inch by inch ur movin closer

Stiff as stone i am
feel my heart beatin faster
feel myself burnin inside

Runnin with u by my side
soakin in the warm sun light
in this forest we fly
feelin surreal
i hold on tight

No dont say those words my dear
listen to me
hear me speak
without a doupt i agreed
turnin my life into yours

Is what i want to be

wRote this after finished readin readin the second novel now..ya im into the Twilight saga too..ya i know im properly over-age for it..but im not going to miss out on any vampire novels..was very tempting to buy the last two novels of Twilight..n other novels..but that have to was a strange feeling walking into the book store this afternoon..i didnt know i love the smell of books this much..or have i become a freak?..anyway i havent watch Twilight the movie..maybe soon..lookin 4ward to it actually..

havent been doin much lately..juz readin novel after novel..actually only finished readin 3 novels(that tells u what a slow reader i am U__U) are the other 2 novels

-'Tuesdays With Morrie' by Mitch Albom
a very touching wonderful true story of the author gettin a second chance discovering life through the death of a friend..this novel is rather well-known..truly worth a read..

-'A Winter Book' by Tove Jansson
this is a collection of short stories by her..a rather charming novel this is..theres 'A Summer Book' too..nope i havent read it..yet..

thats all for now tell me what u think of the poem..
have a great week ahead!!

b4 i 4get..wana give a shout-out to Autumn's 4gotten Dreams..welcome back gal!! =>

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


i wanna sit here with u..and let the world pass us by..
juz have to share this pic!..dun u find the flow-bella is so cute it makes u smile?

it dun snow where im a matter of fact we dun have four seasons i duno what its like seein/feelin im not rich enough to travel..its very expensive travellin to other countries from i juz put myself in these pics..n feel..

i wanna lie on these fluffy clouds
no poem today..havin lotsa things on my mind..but really wanna share these wonderful pics here..there are so many nice pics..and some truly make u smile despite how low you r feeelin..its true when they say 'a picture paints a thousand words'..
oh well im lookin forward to my very short break from work..startin this sunday..only for 48 hours..oh yes..its x'mas pretty i havent buy any gift for bout u?..have u done your xmas shopping?..

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Fly Away
Tie myself to this paper-plane
bring me away
away from u
when u ignore me like that
away from u
when u thought i could alwaz take it

Tie myself to these ballons
bring me far away
away from u
away from your smiles
your everything

The wind had changed
bringing me away
yet each time im back
you r alwaz there

pOem i wrote juz minutes ago..yeah i do wana fly away..leave my body n see myself..the way i lead this life of mine..i get upset when people ignore me n i've no idea what did i do/say wrong to have them treat me invisible..most upset when its some1 i love..maybe it has nothing to do with me..maybe they juz not in the mood..maybe im thinkin 2 much again..i duno..whatever it is i juz want some1 to tell me..cuz silence breaks my heart..

is it cuz its Dec so i tend to get so moody(or emo some like to say)..i seriously do not know..anyway i sure hope none of u r feeling the same way as me..

thkx to every1 taking time out to read/ tell me what u think of the poem..

Have a great weekend people!

Monday, December 1, 2008


tHis is how i've been..well almost..
iSnt he gd-looking?..Chen Bo-Lin

come sit with me n watch the world goes by

haunting winter sky-love this pic

tiMe slipping fast..

yUp..i am actually

wAnt a room as such =>

soMe cool nice pics found @deviantArt..go there!..lots n lotsa wonderful pics!!!!...will be postin another is a daze actually..yup..U___U;