Thursday, April 30, 2009


aNyone seen the movie 'Cruel Intention' would know of this great song..i really love trying to see whether i can get hold of the movie though..its one old movie so it might not be easy to find..oh well..wish me luck..

Faye all-time favourite singer..used to sing her songs when i happened to go karaoke with friends..but that was a long time ago..shes one great singer..her vocals are special..and she writes some of her own songs too..a talented beautiful ice-queen she is..a very big loss to the music world now she steps out of the music scene..

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


With a hole-puncher
you start making tiny tiny holes on my heart
happiness and sorrow flow into these cuts
finding it harder and harder each day to breathe
thousands and thousands of tiny holes in my heart
Looking at the place where it used to be
an unrecognise heart stares back at me
'why are you doing this to me!?'
'you are supposed to protect me!' it screams
A loud thug came
vowing never to be back again
it left me there and then
A hole-puncher in your hand
tiny holes tiny cuts hang
my heart no longer in your hand
rAin decided to pay a visit to this small city after so long..first strong strong winds came..the sound it made feels like many dragons flew past flipping their big wings..soon smell of rain filled the air..and rain started dancing actually feels good cuz i havent been i dont smile much..and whatever mood im in its all written on my often being called/label emo and not like other gals..whom are alwaz full of smiles..who are alwaz cheerful(thus well-loved..well-liked by others)..i am not like that at all..i cant pretend to be like these gals..i cant..
im easily affected by the words/behaviour/attitude of the person i feel for..many will say im stupid for having my heart on my sleeve..stupid for getting hurt so freaking i stupid in this way? i stupid liking/loving a person the way i do? i stupid im willing to sacrifice for the one i like/love? i stupid im willing to give it all up for the one i like/love?..many made me feel/think i them im ultra stupid..a gal like me is unable to survive in this city..a city with no human touch..
*pics from black-white tumblr*

Sunday, April 19, 2009


The Beast

And the beast has its mouth wide open
stream of words flown out not making sense
oh how it longs for us to bow to it
how it longs for us to yield to it

A beast wraps in a sheep's clothing
hasnt it notice its peeling off bit by bit?
hasnt it notice how foul it stinks?

A beast with its bow and arrows
with your back facing it
it shoots

The beast still has its big mouth wide open
not for long now
not for long

wRote this poem late last night..while watching '300' the word beast came to mind and this is how the poem was borned! tell me what u think of it..i know its different from those previous(emo?) poems i wrote..
am listening to Mew while blogging..have u heard of them?..check out their video the whole video is in black and white..

been thinking should i stay in this country or get out of my comfort zone..go live in another country..yes its safe here but im rather tire of almost everything is about $ $ and more $ tire of the high stress level fast paced life style..tire of this small city with limited human touch limited love..everyone is rushing day in and out..simply cuz of the high standard of living..i dont know yet which country i would like to go..i love anything about Japan..but the life style is similar to here..i dont mind learning the language..friends used to say they feel i shouldnt be born here..haha..maybe they are right..who knows? it too late to start a new life else where now?..
*pics from black-white tumblr*

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


hAunting chilling song by rockettothesky..her vocals and music are truly amazing!..pray the local music store carries her album..talking about very excitied Bat for lashes new album is out!!..

a very very cute french song from the movie 'The Butterfly'..though i dont understand what the song is about..but dont you juz love how the language sounds?!..its so sexy!!!..hmm dont think the movie is ever shown here..

dont you juz love black/white pics?..i do..theres alwaz an air of mystery and charm in them..about to finish reading the final book of Twilight..i wonder will they continue making movies for the 3rd and the last books..sure hope they will..already i cant wait for 'New Moon' the movie..quite a few nice japanese movies are being shown here..but didnt have the time to watch all..only managed to watch one 'Detroit metal city'..its one funny show!..but like most japanese movies..theres a message-live for your dream and dont give up..

yeah i know i havent been written any poems lately..forgive me? creative cells hold hands with my imagination cells fly off to an island..and im not sure when are they coming back to haunt me..but in the meantime i will try to write..hope it wont disappoint you guys..

enjoy the weekend people!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


hAve to share this cute funny video!..brings a smile to my face whenever i watch it..the imagination of a child..where did the same imagination we held as a child gone to when we grow up?..

am reading the final book of Twilight..find it hard to put down..its full of unexpected twists and turns!..last night watched the trailer of 'New Moon'..i have to say its gonna be better than the first and i cant wait for it though i duno when will it be releasing here..hmmm..

yeah i know i havent been writing any poems lately..had to 'go away' in my mind since last month..though i still have to go to work still breathing but does it mean that im a strong person?..yes i can take the easy way out..yes i can pretend im ok..but does it mean im a strong person?..and when friends say 'ur a strong person..u will be ok' you tenda believe them?..i just dun seem to know or wish to know nowadays..i just wana spend time with those i love those that are important to feels like time is running(or stealing away)from me feels like i dun have much time left now..dun worry im not talking about taking my own just i feel time is trying to tell me something nowadays..and its slipping away fast as days/weeks/months shoosh past me..

kinda exicited the Japanese brand 'Uniqlo' is here in Singapore!!..been hearing so much about it from my friend/ newspaper/ magazine..their T-shirts designs are rather cute..i will def check this brand out this week!..

-if something/someone is 'taken away' from you by time..what would you do?..

-are you willing to sacrifice for the one you slowly realise you cant live without?..are you willing to do it for love?

*pics via black-white.tumblr*

Friday, April 3, 2009


bEen having lots on my mind lately my mood swing is very much like the last cute know how it is right?..up it goes and down it drops..some-one said my mood swings are terrible cuz it goes up and down very fast!..haha..oh well maybe hes right..i duno..
finished reading the third book of now reading 'Breaking Dawn'..mann what a thick book it is! over 700 pages! can you imagine!?..wonder how long will i take to finish it as im rather a slow reader..
chance upon this wonderful i love black and white pics i really love this site..go there if you love black/white pics..its one cool site..
love the hair style in the first pic(look up there)..intenda keep my hair long..for i like the style its growing out..let see whether i will REALLY keep my hair long..i always have the urge to cut it short or change my hair style..ahahahaha..
have lotsa fun in the weekend people!
-pics from black-white-tumblr and kari-shma.tumblr