Sunday, June 28, 2009


juz wana share these cats..i love gothic pics too..u know those dark cool cool gothic pics?..but not those bloody gothic pics..haha..well..not many people like cats..saying cats are not friendly loyal when compare to dogs..saying cats are too proud etc etc..different people have different thinking i guess..i used to talk to my cats alot..maybe im crazy..but to me..they do understand..and they are able to sense when ur upset/happy..gosh..i do miss my cats alot..but i cant keep one now..cuz i cant take gd care of it..since im working..
have u watch 'Transformers 2'?..its worth the not goin to reveal anything bout waiting for Johnny Depp's 'Public Enemy' and 'Alice In Wonderland'..hopefully it will be shown waiting for 'Gamer' by Gerald Butler..
been busy watching this old-school japanese cartoon 'Candy Candy'..used to watch it when i was little..juz remember bits and pieces of it..she been through alot both in life and love..but despite it all..she remains a cheerful gal..shes a very strong gal..often i wish i know some-one like Candy..but thats a wishful thinking..
*2nd-5th pics from the animal blog.tumblr*
*i forget where i got the 1st pic from..sorry*

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


A lantern light from deeper in the barn
inching nearer do i dare?
a blurred figure under the faint lantern light
are my eyes playing tricks on me?

With my hand out infront of me
am i protecting myself or?
darkness seems to be
whispering whispering

Few steps more few steps now
as i come closer to the lantern
am i ready?
am i prepared?

To be drawn to that faint figure

here's my try on this week carry on tuesday prompt.. the opening words of the poem is The Fear by Robert Frost..only used the first sentence..i have to admit its getting more and more difficuilt to come up with poems worth reading..which is why i gave up on last week's prompt..nah..its a lame mind is just filled with things..yet again..

i do envy people with many friends..i do envy people with families that are there for them when they need help..or simply just a listening ear..often i ask myself 'do i have true friends?..seriously do i?..'..who can i truly turn to..when i need some-one to listen to talk to..not some-one who tell me what i SHOULD do..not some-one who tell me HOW i SHOULD feel..yes i do understand..they meant well..but its my life my feelings..shouldnt i be the one to decide?..even if i wont know will my decission is right or wrong..theres no right or is right or wrong..i not making sense..i havent been making sense lately..

*pics from tumblr