Thursday, November 12, 2009


-the same expression i wana do whenever im face with troublems..unhappiness etc..
-im not this strong gal almost every-one thinks i am..i do want some-one to hold my hand..tell me its gonna be just human..after all..

-a word i keep telling my mind..trying hard to shut it up..trying hard to be numb..trying hard not to feel as much..i duno why..but lately been losing the will to not talking about killing myself..i wont have the guts to do so anyway..its just..i duno why im this place..doing what im doing..i duno what is there left to fight for in life seems matter what i not enough..its not trying hard enough..i duno how to make an effort..i duno am i making enough effort..and i dont wana give up..just like losing sleep..
-'stay..dont go..plz..stay..i need you here..' these words..when will i have the courage to say to you?..
*1st and 2nd pics from the animalblog
*4gotten where i get the last bad..

Thursday, November 5, 2009


-yes i needed this..

-times like this..i wish i could turn into bubbles..and just be blown gone..

-Im walking in circles
round and round
no begining no end

All is dark
i cant see
where is everybody?
why am i alone here?

Is there even some-one
i could really turn to?
is there a hand
to hold me through?

Im walking in circles
round and round

*all pics from kari-shma tumblr