Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Fly Away
Tie myself to this paper-plane
bring me away
away from u
when u ignore me like that
away from u
when u thought i could alwaz take it

Tie myself to these ballons
bring me far away
away from u
away from your smiles
your everything

The wind had changed
bringing me away
yet each time im back
you r alwaz there

pOem i wrote juz minutes ago..yeah i do wana fly away..leave my body n see myself..the way i lead this life of mine..i get upset when people ignore me n i've no idea what did i do/say wrong to have them treat me invisible..most upset when its some1 i love..maybe it has nothing to do with me..maybe they juz not in the mood..maybe im thinkin 2 much again..i duno..whatever it is i juz want some1 to tell me..cuz silence breaks my heart..

is it cuz its Dec so i tend to get so moody(or emo some like to say)..i seriously do not know..anyway i sure hope none of u r feeling the same way as me..

thkx to every1 taking time out to read/ tell me what u think of the poem..

Have a great weekend people!


$tRangeR tO l!fe....♥ said...

heya!!thts awesome!i loved it!!

Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

You're just so good with words. It's like you know when to use which word. man, Your poems do leave me speechless ! :) I totally love this poem....maybe cause I can relate to it. It's too good !!! Keep Blogging :D

$tRangeR tO l!fe....♥ said...

thnx 4 ur lovely comment!!
i'm luking 4ward 4 ur next poem!!

Beaut!fully Br()ken said...


mariposa said...

That's a great poem - I love the part about tying yourself to a paper plane.

$tRangeR tO l!fe....♥ said...

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