Friday, December 26, 2008


hEy have fun on xmas?..mine was spent workin..its alrite cuz went for xmas count-down with my friend in the club we always go..yup it was very crowded..people were merry-makin..happy n why was it i didnt really enjoy myself on xmas eve?..i was there but i wasnt there too..know what i mean?..i was so-not there that i mistaken some-one as my friend..went n poked him! was so embarrassin!!..that shows u where my mind was..maybe not only durin that night..been feelin kinda like walkin-dead these days..

had finished the 2nd book of my horrors the 3rd n 4th books were sold-out in the local book stores!..mann should've juz bought when they were still now while waitin i borrowed few books from library..n bought 1 novel 'Eat Pray Love' waiting for the movie 2b shown here..speakin of movies..
here are a few movies im waitin
-Ponyo On The Cliff By The Sea:a japanese anime..real cute
-Transformer2:my fav decepticon SoundWave will be in it finally
-InkHeart:a fantasy movie..i saw the 2nd or 3rd book from this novel
-The Uninvited:a horror movie..havent watch horror show since forever

will try to come up with a poem..but no promise..i dun like promise..cuz its meant 2b broken? the mean-time..heres some pics..mostly are from by this site for great pics!..

well wishes to all in 2009!!

thank u all for your lovely comments n takin time out to read*bow*


!ии0cenT s!иce 1996. said...

hows the 2nd buk??
merry christmas!!

Cursed♪♫ said...

Hi..I had a great Christmas :)
I love Edward Cullen !! ;D
Tc !

mariposa said...

Aw, sorry you had to work! & That's a little crazy that the rest of the Twilight series was sold out - hopefully they'll get more soon.

Also, thanks so much for the really nice comment :)

autumn said...

i just cooked spaghetti on Christmas eve and had a family reunion on the 25th.

Twilight books are sold-out here as well. i'm planning to buy all the books, too. boohoo.

btw, i sent yah an email. =]

Season's greetings from my home to yours.