Thursday, April 29, 2010


i need a break a vaca BADLY..its way way past my cup had long been over-flown for too long..its time to empty it..i need to n mz pack my bag and go..get away from all these gone..i dun wan..and cant be that strong gal every1 says i am..i am not strong..i repeat..i am not a human being with feelings too..
yes go ahead say im playin the vicitm..go ahead say im bein sensitive blah blah blah..if u knew what kind of words were bein threw at me..what would u say then?..yes i can totally work is work..i dun have 2 care..jz do my part..but i ask u..whats the point doing my part in work..n ppl are out 2 get u for personal reasons?..for no reason at all..jz simply 'i dun like ur face..'!?..
im tire..too tire everytime this kind of shit thing tire too tire to let blood pay blood..i dun want to play..i aint got time and energy to play..cuz im too tire..i dun want to go back my 'old ways' doesnt mean im good to bully jz cz i keep quiet..if u think im goin down alone when u force me to..u better think twice..cuz i promise i will pull u down with me..cuz u force me to..u seriously should think twice..once my word is out..u better watch out..
yes i can turn my back..walk away..or u rather i become the 'old' this stupid game of the more the merrier..its ur call..

Saturday, April 3, 2010


-first part of my fav the first two pics figured here..maybe i'd do a second part third oart etc..cuz too many fav pics..
*5th pic-the animalblog.tumblr..3rd the source for 1st 2nd and 4th pics..sorry..