Saturday, October 11, 2008


Black Parade

Memory deleted face erased

soul captured a band marching on

an orchestra in the night

through the fire down the streets

marching on

carry on

Hear me sing a chill composed in the night

a darkened soul haunting

hear me sing as the orchestra keeps playing

come join me

close your eyes n join me

Under this night

along this path

to a land none heard of

marches on carry on

soul captured

an orchestra in the night

another poem written last year..its scary how time flies..2008 is comin to an end it jz me or every1 is the same?..i mean do u tenda reflect what hav u done how hav u grown in this time of the year?..i do..n i think alot which isnt very healthy some might say..cuz if ur not careful it can drive u mad!..ya..well i roughly know what i wanna do next year..i may not be happy..but i'll definitively be happy finally havin my own life back..wil be happy finally out of this i sound confusing? is a bitch baby!!..oh well..

here i wann thank Mariposa for leavin those lovely comments..she really motivates me to blog..thank u =>..

*i still love u..yes i know this isnt what u wanna hear from sorry*


ashley said...

the year did fly by- am in awe of your words and do hope you find happiness soon;)
x ashley

Alyssa. said...

I like your blog (: Thanks for the comment by the way.

mariposa said...

Another very cool poem - it seems a little scary in a way. Btw, thanks for the comment :)

autumn said...

love this one. so deep.

i'll read your other poems, don't worry. love your blog. glad i found another one who loves to write poems. =]