Friday, October 31, 2008


Fly Away

Turn your back now love
let me go
let me be gone
The sun is coming out soon
my kingdom is calling me home
let me go
let me be gone

Seeing your tears drop breaks my heart
dun cry for me love
smile for me
so i can fly away
knowing u do care

The sun is coming out soon
leave before i start to change
leave so i can fly back home

Turn away with a smile love
let me be gone

gOt the inspiration writin this while listenin to MCR(my chemical romance) very 1st album..their songs then were rather different from their songs now(except for the album-Black Parade)..nevertheless MCR truly inspires me to write poems on other stuff besides broken love/broken hearts..
have no idea what to write here...oh ya goin to a Halloween party wif my friend..think it'd be fun seein how people dress up for halloween..the best thing not workin 2ml!! can party the nite away!!..woohoo!!..

hAppy Halloween people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

aww...i love your poem so much. es. the sun setting line !! You write so well !! I'm jeleous :P hehe..Keep writing ! Can't wait to read more of your stuff !!

autumn said...

no wonder your poem is like a song. i can almost feel it. such a nice piece.

i got my ideas from songs, too. ^^