Wednesday, January 27, 2010


-not allow to cry

so much 2 say 2 vent 2 pour out..yet silence is all there is..very soon the 1st month of 2010 will be gone..soon those i can click with will be gone..r gone..they r not juz passer-bys in my i juz one easily 4gotten passer-by to them?..i really have no idea..

alot had been happening..all these stuff are leavin me tire..very tire..doors r closed when i needed some1 2 talk 2..yes..every1 has his/her own problems..maybe its jz me..maybe i overthink things..i really duno..the only thing i know is...very soon ## will be leaving..very soon..

is any1 out there willing to listen 2 me? there?..

-On this road i lay
pretending to be dead
pretending im unable to see to hear
blocking out almost everything every1
im sorry
i can pretend no more..

Wishing i have the guts
to say out loud to u
'plz stay..i need u here..stay..'

4gotten where i get the 2nd pic from..