Sunday, October 19, 2008


fInally can get away from work 2day..had been tiring not havin enough zz past few days..though went clubbin with my friend on friday..but didnt njoy myself..think its time to take a break from clubbing..again..maybe it'd help..maybe not..who knows?..

heres a clip from Youtube..its really hilarious!!..thkx to James for sharing..


Teach me to break away
escape from this pain
away from this hurt

Teach me to break away
so i can join the human race
without a care to this world
away from this hurt

Teach me to break away
and not cry anymore
these tears have drainned me
flood me from within

My heart in your hand
yet i can still feel its pain
teach me to break away


a poem i wrote earlier this tell me what u think of it..

'i was invitin..hurry to my heart..'
'he was my night time..thought i was his star..guess i was wrong..'

'only gonna play the fool one time..'-from the song'Go on Gal' by Ne-yo


ashley said...

your poetry is wonderful! i hate clubbing- the noise, the smells, the people who are noisy and smelly!
thanks for the film recommendations- i also love pans labyrinth...similar taste we have!
hope you have a great monday!
♥ ashley

autumn said...

hi. thanks for "following" my blog. i'll sure follow your blog, too. i like the poem you've written. it's some kind of poem i would really like to write. =]

Mila said...

Beautiful poem!! <3
Also gorgeous pictures...

Thanks a lot for your kind comment on my blog!


mariposa said...

This is definitely one of my most favorite poems you have ever posted - I love it.