Friday, November 14, 2008



Shoot Me

Shoot me in the heart watch it bleed
watch my love bleeds away watch it breaks away
shoot me in the head so i cant think
those thoughts see them flow away with a BANG
shoot me in the eyes so i cant cry
watch my last tear die for u
shoot me juz shoot me to end this misery
shoot me

a pOem i wrote 2 years i wanna thk every1 for their lovely encouragin friend used to say not many people will understand my poems..but its gd no? that will mean my poems r unique!..haha..nah juz kiddin..=p..

well i have no idea what to write here..maybe cuz im tire due to work..or juz mentally n physically the mean-time..njoy Namie Amuro's 'So crazy' mtv..wish i can dance like her..i love this mtv of hers..its kinda interestin seein 2 Namie(s)..each wif her own style..=]

cant wait for Transformers2 2b shown here!!..cuz my fav fav fav Soundwave will be included in the sequel!!..THE JOY!!!!!..i was all smiles when read bout it..haha..I LOVE SOUNDWAVE!!!!!!!!!!...
hAve a fun weekend people!! =D


Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

Oh My God !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love this poem !!!!!!!!
It's like shit !! Too good !
Your an amazing writer !! Your poems have so much of emotions in it !! Love your poems a lot !

autumn said...

hi. i'm back. been busy with work. argh. lol. sorry for ranting.

anyway, i missed yah.

love this poem. but i hope you don't feel that way now. hugsss.

hope you're having a great weekend. =]

papaler said...

read all ur previous posts, had not been updating mine and will do so really soon...cheer up my fren !!!

Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

Umm..messed up the font !! :)
I had written
"I wish I could tell what's going on,
I wish I could say what I'm feeling right now.
I wish you would bother to show a bit of concern,
So that I could tell you everything!"

mariposa said...

Wow, that's such a deep poem. It's so short, and yet it goes straight to the point.

btw, thanks for the comments :)

Mila said...

This is such a beautiful and 'real' poem. I really like it and sometimes feel like that too.
You are very talented! <3

Thank you soooo much for your amazing comments, i hope you know they do mean very much to me!



Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

Heya! Glad you like my poem :D ever thought about publishing your poems ?? if not, DO IT !! I love your poems :) I MEAN IT !!!!!