Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Angel In The Night

An angel in the night
sitting waiting
one with broken heart
bleeding screaming

Pool of blood
swimming waiting
feathers on her wing she pluck
smiling rocking

Unrequited love
withering breaking
down the valley
falling twisting

Haunted by fear
an angel in the night
sitting waiting


Cold as ice u pull me in
without a sound take me down

My eyes met yours filled with tears
scream out loud take me down

Over n over this reply
watch it a thousand times
your hands r stained
take me down

Close the lid eyes wide open
cold as ice
put me down

2 of my past poems i wrote last year 'Angel in the night' n 'Drown'..my gdness its been such a long time i havent put on poem writin cap..is it cuz i had somehow freeze my heart so im unable 2 feel anymore?..i do not know the answer...well more poems comin up...


sammi-lise ^_^ said...

thanks for following my blog by the way...i like your blog too

mariposa said...

Wow, those poems seem really dark, yet they have a lot of feeling.

Anonymous said...

I love the repeat you do in Dark, "take me down" and I love the first poem Angel In The Night =) Actually I love them both! Not really what I'm feeling in the moment, but i've felt that way before, I know where you're coming from kind of, not exactly, I could never know that

X said...


twistingby said...

hi...i like angel in the night, i love the words you chose they put such clear pictures in my mind

mariposa said...

Hey! Just wanted to say thanks for the comments - I love them :) Look forward to your next post!