Monday, April 28, 2008


iTs time 2 get out of dis fuckin current job!!..cant take it anymore..such a small company n yet ters no team-work wha-so-eva..n its liked they njoy makin things difficult for the sales ppl..n the sales ppl get blame for EVERYTHING!! me a quitter or whaeva..i dun care..i dun see the point in wastin my time n their time anymore..n i dare to say its not as if i never try..i did try..2b honest i truly salute my senior..jz imagine..she been through alot more shit in her 1yr wif dis shitty company..n shes still hangin on..wel she loves dis job..for me..enough is enough!!..

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missohla said...


you're on your way to find your suitable job. Ohla wishes you all the best!