Saturday, April 19, 2008

bLah blah blah

nOte to self:
-do not wear a hat dats too big for ur head
-do not trust any1 so easily..even urself..
-do not talk so much
-do not be so naive

wha would u do when u hav zero experience in a job n yet ur bosses compare u wif ur fellow colleagues?..i do not take hints..i am not bein too sensitive..if my bosses think im not performin..jz tel me straight in the face..n not drop hints here n there..dun they even have the guts to tel me in the face?!.. it is so fuckin irriatin..

yes it doesnt feel gd 2b compared wif ur fellow colleagues whos been workin there almost a yr or so..n its not liked i have any experience in dis tryin my best to brin in jobs as well..tryin my best to lay my is unfair irriatin to the max when u go back office..n realise the bosses dun even bother/care..n often things jz hav 2 get u duno whas goin on behind ur back..duno whas goin on when ur out tryin to brin in jobs almost current job is fun?..i take these words back..

i did try to learn as much as i can..did try to do my job ok..i did try..but things r gettin damn pissed off/frustratin/fucked up when ur constantly sandwich between those interior designers n ur ur the one bein arrow when things go wrong..i did try..i did..

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