Saturday, April 26, 2008

bLind s bats

wAs at Zouk Anthony Pappa was awesome mann!!!!!!!..the music he spin last9 really was damn damn awesome it got better n better..goin 2 get his latest album mann!!..haha..theres another dj i like..James Lavelle..his house music is more to darker side(if u know wha i mean)..missed his dj session dat time when he was spinnin at Zouk..hope he'd come back again..=(

work-wise isnt gettin any better..showed my temper yesterday at the clients n company were pissin me off BIG time..its gettin to the point i duno what my job title is..out-door sales cum indoor sales cum admin asst clerk cum delivery gal..which 1 is my job title?..its bad enough im alwaz sandwichin between unreasonable nonsense clients n the company..i hav notice though its a smal company..ters no team work wha-so-ever at wha its benefits r gd?..its nothing when ters no team work..n the bosses r jz simply 2 blind/dun appreciate the sales staf r tryin 2 brin in jobs..

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