Friday, May 2, 2008

qUitter i am not ok..U__u:

wEll im out of the fucked up(xcuse me) company..the bos wanted 2 cut cost so yesterday was my last day at work..n i havent evn hand-over my on-hand projects to my senior!..the bos said(n i quote) 'oh all these projects r pretty straight 4ward..she wil understand 1'..i was liked wtf of cz u said straight i jz explained 2 u!..i jz told my bos 'oh really?..its ok..its better i come down office on saturday 2 do a proper hand-over'..he kept quiet..its liked wha is dis?!..its easy for the bos 2 jz say oh its straight 4ward blah blah blah..when hes not the1 takin over my on-hand projects..i seriously duno n dun understand y is it so diffculit for the bosses(there r 2 of them actually)2 see/understand wha their sales people r goin through..n both hav been in dis line for long!!..

went for a jog this afternoon..haz..i know i the weather was seriously hot 2 the max..haha..didnt really jog i havent exercise in a long while..but i felt real fresh after that =)..wanted 2 go swim..ended up couldnt find my goggles!..cant remember where i put it..too many 'rubbish'..hahaha..

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