Thursday, April 10, 2008

bOring U____U;

wAs eatin cheese n ham sandwiches wif my fav kopi-o at Shenton Way.. lookin at all those office people walkin passed as it was lunch hour..n realised the way they dressed is really oh so borin to the max..its liked every1 is wearin uniforms..yes i know dat there r certain restrictions on office wear..but one can be creative in mix n match right?..i mean isnt it borin wif a capital B..lookin at every1 wearin the same old theme?..sometimes accessories make a difference..a belt/scarf/necklance/handbag/ear-ring etc make or break an outfit..if u know how to accessorize..a simple outfit can look WOW when matchin wif the suitable accessory..i gues people here r simply too lazy 2b bothered dressin up abit..

been feelin the stress n pressure at i sux BIG time in pc..haha..alwaz hav 2 ask for help on dis n dat..hate it..i dun really talk much to my colleagues..1 thing my desk(so-called U__U;) is liked im alone at dat area..i talk more to the computer screen/phone/street-directory book..yes i prefer goin out meet up wif clients/passin catalogs to clients..although my bosses said gettin the clients to know me is wha i hav 2 do for the 1st 2 months..i stil hav to brin in jobs no matter wha right?..yes i pressurin its not liked im in dis job for 3 months yeah..oh well..anyway not workin dis saturnday so.. happy of cz..^^

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