Saturday, April 12, 2008

iTs jz a number..NOT..

tHis is how it happens usually..notice guy lookin at me..we awhile..the interest ends when guy asks how old am im older than him..not 1-2yrs older..but by quite alot..

yes i know that my age bothers younger guys..yes i know guys stil prefer younger/same age/1-2yrs older gals..i do understand no young guy wana be wif/be seen goin out wif older gal..yes some guys prefer older gals..but not a gal 10-13yrs older..true them guys can say anything they like..but bottom-line is its stil younger/same age/1-2yrs older gals they'd go after..

love is blind?..age is juz a number?..clearly not to doesnt mean i dun mind younger guys..they dun mind older gal as well..which is y now..even if im attracted to some1..its pointless..its not so much i dun wana giv myself or him a chance..but rather he wouldnt wana giv me a chance..simply cz my age isnt jz a number to him...

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