Tuesday, April 1, 2008

tHe birds n the bees n gary n taxi-drivers..

-dis Gary Cao ge..a malaysia singer who made it big in taiwan/sg/malaysia etc..he does look abit like Stephen Chow..n get dis..i hv a friend who looks abit like him..no..not Stephen..but Gary..its true..=>

diS band The Bird n The Bee music r rather gd..found dis remix version of their song 'Fuckin Boyfriend'..its real cool!!..listen 2 it n shake your pom pom mann!!..

ever heard few people told me..sometimes its better sharin ur problems wif a stranger..maybe to an extend its true..i have to travel around in my new job..so getta chat wif taxi-drivers..2day dis taxi-driver shared wif me his problems..on work/marriage..i didnt know how to console him as im rather bad wif words..so i jz listened..b4 i alighted..i jz told him to relax abit..take it easy..n dun think 2 much..although it isnt the 1st time a stranger shares wif me his/her problem..i jz wonder where do they get the courage to open up to a stranger..yes i do understand at times every1 jz needs some1 2 listen..it doesnt matter he/she is a stranger..n mayb the facts dat nowadays theres lesser n lesser human touch in our life..n also many jz dun care/bother on people who r not their preferred friends..many of us would rather turn to/open up to strangers..cz the % of seein each other is truly small..even though s'pore is 'BIG'..

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