Friday, April 3, 2009


bEen having lots on my mind lately my mood swing is very much like the last cute know how it is right?..up it goes and down it drops..some-one said my mood swings are terrible cuz it goes up and down very fast!..haha..oh well maybe hes right..i duno..
finished reading the third book of now reading 'Breaking Dawn'..mann what a thick book it is! over 700 pages! can you imagine!?..wonder how long will i take to finish it as im rather a slow reader..
chance upon this wonderful i love black and white pics i really love this site..go there if you love black/white pics..its one cool site..
love the hair style in the first pic(look up there)..intenda keep my hair long..for i like the style its growing out..let see whether i will REALLY keep my hair long..i always have the urge to cut it short or change my hair style..ahahahaha..
have lotsa fun in the weekend people!
-pics from black-white-tumblr and kari-shma.tumblr