Wednesday, April 15, 2009


hAunting chilling song by rockettothesky..her vocals and music are truly amazing!..pray the local music store carries her album..talking about very excitied Bat for lashes new album is out!!..

a very very cute french song from the movie 'The Butterfly'..though i dont understand what the song is about..but dont you juz love how the language sounds?!..its so sexy!!!..hmm dont think the movie is ever shown here..

dont you juz love black/white pics?..i do..theres alwaz an air of mystery and charm in them..about to finish reading the final book of Twilight..i wonder will they continue making movies for the 3rd and the last books..sure hope they will..already i cant wait for 'New Moon' the movie..quite a few nice japanese movies are being shown here..but didnt have the time to watch all..only managed to watch one 'Detroit metal city'..its one funny show!..but like most japanese movies..theres a message-live for your dream and dont give up..

yeah i know i havent been written any poems lately..forgive me? creative cells hold hands with my imagination cells fly off to an island..and im not sure when are they coming back to haunt me..but in the meantime i will try to write..hope it wont disappoint you guys..

enjoy the weekend people!

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