Wednesday, April 22, 2009


With a hole-puncher
you start making tiny tiny holes on my heart
happiness and sorrow flow into these cuts
finding it harder and harder each day to breathe
thousands and thousands of tiny holes in my heart
Looking at the place where it used to be
an unrecognise heart stares back at me
'why are you doing this to me!?'
'you are supposed to protect me!' it screams
A loud thug came
vowing never to be back again
it left me there and then
A hole-puncher in your hand
tiny holes tiny cuts hang
my heart no longer in your hand
rAin decided to pay a visit to this small city after so long..first strong strong winds came..the sound it made feels like many dragons flew past flipping their big wings..soon smell of rain filled the air..and rain started dancing actually feels good cuz i havent been i dont smile much..and whatever mood im in its all written on my often being called/label emo and not like other gals..whom are alwaz full of smiles..who are alwaz cheerful(thus well-loved..well-liked by others)..i am not like that at all..i cant pretend to be like these gals..i cant..
im easily affected by the words/behaviour/attitude of the person i feel for..many will say im stupid for having my heart on my sleeve..stupid for getting hurt so freaking i stupid in this way? i stupid liking/loving a person the way i do? i stupid im willing to sacrifice for the one i like/love? i stupid im willing to give it all up for the one i like/love?..many made me feel/think i them im ultra stupid..a gal like me is unable to survive in this city..a city with no human touch..
*pics from black-white tumblr*

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