Sunday, March 22, 2009


rEad an interesting article in the newspaper this morning titled 'Use your head stupid' talks about the pros and cons on using your head and heart when facing problems..i suppose theres no right or wrong whether a person uses her/his heart more or uses her/his head more..i mean every-one of us is different..i admit i use my heart more hence im being called 'emo' quite i dont regret being emotional..or those choices i made/make cuz i use my heart more..cuz if its a wrong choice theres a lesson to be learn..and if i dont learn whatever lesson it is..i would keep having the same lesson throw into my face..
often my friends tell me to let go see things on the bright side..not to be so still learning..surly i dont want my days to be raining all the time?..let me have some fairy dust so i can keep telling myself 'dont worry'..crap i dunno what im talking about here U__u;
anyway i FINALLY got my hands on the third book of Twilight after such a loooooooooooong wait!..had completed 'Blue remembered heels' by Neil Dixon..its one fun read..completed 'After dark' by Murakami too..its different..abit weird actually..did i mention about this book b4?..crap looks like im really getting STM(short-term memory)..


Cursed♪♫ said...

The fairy dust picture is so cute :)
I use my heart more too. People call me an emo. But well, that's fine!
Tell me about the twilight book. I'm a Twilight freak :) Tc !

sarah said...

please send some of that fairy dust my way :)