Tuesday, April 7, 2009


hAve to share this cute funny video!..brings a smile to my face whenever i watch it..the imagination of a child..where did the same imagination we held as a child gone to when we grow up?..

am reading the final book of Twilight..find it hard to put down..its full of unexpected twists and turns!..last night watched the trailer of 'New Moon'..i have to say its gonna be better than the first and i cant wait for it though i duno when will it be releasing here..hmmm..

yeah i know i havent been writing any poems lately..had to 'go away' in my mind since last month..though i still have to go to work still breathing but does it mean that im a strong person?..yes i can take the easy way out..yes i can pretend im ok..but does it mean im a strong person?..and when friends say 'ur a strong person..u will be ok'..do you tenda believe them?..i just dun seem to know or wish to know nowadays..i just wana spend time with those i love those that are important to me..it feels like time is running(or stealing away)from me now..it feels like i dun have much time left now..dun worry im not talking about taking my own life..no..its just i feel time is trying to tell me something nowadays..and its slipping away fast as days/weeks/months shoosh past me..

kinda exicited the Japanese brand 'Uniqlo' is here in Singapore!!..been hearing so much about it from my friend/ newspaper/ magazine..their T-shirts designs are rather cute..i will def check this brand out this week!..

-if something/someone is 'taken away' from you by time..what would you do?..

-are you willing to sacrifice for the one you slowly realise you cant live without?..are you willing to do it for love?

*pics via black-white.tumblr*

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mariposa said...

Hey! Aw, I love that photo with the little boy imitating the men :) & the video is soo cute - I love it!

& wow, those are really good questions - I wish I knew the answers - although I know I would sacrifice stuff for love.