Sunday, April 19, 2009


The Beast

And the beast has its mouth wide open
stream of words flown out not making sense
oh how it longs for us to bow to it
how it longs for us to yield to it

A beast wraps in a sheep's clothing
hasnt it notice its peeling off bit by bit?
hasnt it notice how foul it stinks?

A beast with its bow and arrows
with your back facing it
it shoots

The beast still has its big mouth wide open
not for long now
not for long

wRote this poem late last night..while watching '300' the word beast came to mind and this is how the poem was borned! tell me what u think of it..i know its different from those previous(emo?) poems i wrote..
am listening to Mew while blogging..have u heard of them?..check out their video the whole video is in black and white..

been thinking should i stay in this country or get out of my comfort zone..go live in another country..yes its safe here but im rather tire of almost everything is about $ $ and more $ tire of the high stress level fast paced life style..tire of this small city with limited human touch limited love..everyone is rushing day in and out..simply cuz of the high standard of living..i dont know yet which country i would like to go..i love anything about Japan..but the life style is similar to here..i dont mind learning the language..friends used to say they feel i shouldnt be born here..haha..maybe they are right..who knows? it too late to start a new life else where now?..
*pics from black-white tumblr*

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Cursed♪♫ said...

The 1st pik is really funny :D
The poem was nice. Ya, it's different!
Sorry...I haven't been dropping by your blog since long! Kinda busy!
Take Care :)