Tuesday, September 9, 2008

N they say.......

few real cool images i found from those blogs i been followin lately...

fOund this band 'Bat For Lashes' from a blog i've been readin lately..lov dis song 'Horse n I'..its hauntin beautiful..hopefully able to find their ablum in HMV..

day off 2day..didnt do anything..cut another old pair of jeans again..haha..wanted to go Bugis street see see look look but decided not to go in the end...am jz 2 lazy..anyw am happy happy FINALLY found dat funny vampire series i've been lookin for in the library!..i thought 1 can borrow more than 4 books..nope..only 4 books..damn!!..

its weird n funny my friends said i've toned down on my image(?)..is dat the word for it?..they said i used 2b punk rock style(hence the nick rocker jen =p)..they were rather shocked when they saw me..'omg wha happen to u?!' was their 1st sentence..ahahahaha..2b honest i duno hav i tone down or not..but i gues its my hair dat make them think so..used to colour my hair n used 2b short spikey n all..but now its black(brown?) straight..am tryin to grow my hair n see how it'll turn out 2b like..well like what my friends said i've become more muji now..ahahahahaha..duh..U__u;

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