Tuesday, September 2, 2008

jAp wave

wAs way too lazy to go out 2day even though its my day off..so jz stayed at home watched my fav anime 'Cardcaptor Sakura' series wif Muji snack...didnt really do anything(was 2 lazy remember?..U_u;)..but 're-created' my two pairs of wide legged old jeans..haha!!..havent wear them for awhile but they r 2 comfy to giv away..so i cut off the length on both..n cut some designs on them too..wel the end results aint too bad..n im quite please wif meself..might b goin to 're-create' my tops next week..i duno..see how my mood goes.. oh ya..thinkin of buyin Dr Marten boots..hav 2 see how oso..

as promise heres 2 mtvs by japanese singer-Namie Amuro n LunarSea a disbanded japanese group..njoy!!

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