Sunday, September 28, 2008


mY weekend off today..went Zouk last gdness Carl Cox was great GREAT GREAT!!!!!!..hes one of my favourite Dj n a great its alwaz cool he could drop by our little island to blow us away with his works! was very very crowded..maybe cuz due to we r havin the F1 night race so seein alot alot of tourists..the 1st night race n its happenin here in Singapore!..naturally every-one is excitied n those after F1 can i say..PARTY LIKE A ROCK-STAR MANN!!..hahaha..

lovin this album by Namie Amuro 'Best Fiction'..the songs r rather the beats..'Do Me More','Sexy Girl','Want Me Want Me' r my favourites..below is the MTV of 'Do Me More'..the little gal is so cute!..=)..n those dance

maybe i'll be postin my past tell me what u think of them ya..used to write poems when im feelin down/upset/angry..havent been writin it cuz i have freezed my heart unable to feel?..i seriously do not know..

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