Tuesday, September 16, 2008


sEe anything strange in the 1st pic?..theres no reflection in the mirror..when im lookin at the 2nd pic i see different faces everytime..n i dun mean the little gal's face..hmm dun u think shes not closin her eyes but lookin down-wards?..
been followin this wonderful blog ArtnGhosts..its a very talented artist's blog..there r alot of cool dark(sometimes) art works..n her works do make u think/feel..at least i do...eg the art work where the gal is walkin 2wards the house..it seems to me she is lost n though the house is juz bside her..she cant seem to see it..n shes a great writer too...from her blog i gotten know gd stories..n i really wana look out for those books she recommended...had already tried 2 book stores..but alas they r not bringin in these books..so..booboo..hav to try my luck in other book stores...

bsides ArtnGhost am followin Childhood flame-a fashion blogger shes only 15 but a great dresser..n she DIY her clothings..though most of her clothings r basics..shes really gd in mix matchin them up..wif the right shoes n accessiores..

Strawberry Kisses, Cupcake,Daydream Lily,Little Paper Planesr few of the blogs that have been keepin me busy/thinkin recently..im glad to find them actually..n most pro i'd find more gd blogs....

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haunting images... you write well dear... continue your creativity & use your gifts.