Tuesday, May 26, 2009


everyone suddenly burst out singing
a song i have not hear before
yet another unfamiliar song
as i stand silently here

something is not right
a heavy tension fills the air
everyone continues singing
unable to hear me calling

in black and white they walk
stalks of black white roses throw
women in veils men in suits
singing walking slowly

following behind i am
taking in the sight infront
for the one laying there
is me
another poem i written with the opening of a poem by Siegfried Sassoon entitled Everyone Sang via carry on tuesday blog..i do like this idea Keith came up with for his blog..thkx to Shadow for sharing too..its a good way..for me at least..to try come up with poems every week..as i havent been actively writing poems as i used to..
its upsetting it hurts when some-one u thought know u better misunderstand u..i never thought # would think/said about me this way..i never thought my behaviour would have # think/said bout me in this manner..yes im one very emotional freak..i tenda show how i feel..tenda let my emotions control me rather than i control them..and cuz of this im immature?..and cuz of this im mentally sick?..im a human being..i have feelings too..yes i know well #'s intention in saying what # said to me..yes i know well what # wants me to do..its not so much im blaming # even though #'s words/behaviour hurts me worst than hell..i wouldnt care less if # isnt important to me..i wouldnt..
often its not i wanna think so much..often things i heard things i see(and i rather not)trigger the way i feel..but i dun tell any-one..i dun tell #..and i keep things inside..in the end..im an immature lunatic in #'s eyes...
yes i cant let go..yes i dun wana give up..i dun want to..


Shadow said...

your poem tugs at my heartstrings...

ashley said...

magic as always jeero,
hope you chin is up looking at the sparkling sun and distant stars,
x ashley

Anonymous said...

This is really good, and slightly creepy! Thanks for joining in.

rosey said...

Gosh this is very dark. Great read.

Missy said...

What a wonderful chill and tug of heart.

Andy Sewina said...

Yeah, there's a bit of a dark twist, should I be worried?

Nicely written!!

gautami tripathy said...

Very touching poem..

two sides of the same coin