Wednesday, May 13, 2009


bEen listening to Duffy alot lately..strangely her songs even though are mostly about lost love /broken kinda calm me down when listening to her ablum..
found these cute cheery pics from Vivien Westwood Audi fashion show which was shown here few days the black top with the golden hand on it(2nd pic)..and the model's make-up/hairstyle go with the outfit perfectly!..i like!! the hair-style and the outfit in the 3rd pic too..i cant carry such hair-style(bird-nest hair-style i call it) trying to keep my hair long now..its taking too slow for my hair to be long except for my tenda covers one of my eyes cuz of the length..and cuz of this im being pinpoint at work..*sigh*..whatever...
u know many times when people dont like your face juz because..and u get piss off when they try to make your life difficult..u juz have to constantly tell yourself to bear with it..breathe in breathe out..let go..dont think so much?..the worst part is when this person is your manager!..yes im in this kinda problem(so-called)now..i seriously duno how the hell she came in as a manager when she clearly dont have the experience!..the way she works is oh-so childish..almost everyday i drag myself to work..if not for few of my colleagues..i'd have died countless times at work!..
*first pic from tumblr
second-fourth pics from

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